A Note on Edna Mary Conant Caldwell and Roger Conant


Joseph George Caldwell

Posted at Internet website http://www.foundationwebsite.org/ANoteOnEdnaMaryConantCaldwellAndRogerConant.htm

31 January 2013


My great grandmother was Edna Mary Conant Caldwell (1855-1916).  She was a descendent of Roger Conant, who was one of the founders of Massachusetts Bay Colony, and the first Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony.  He arrived in Plymouth / Salem in 1623, probably on the Ann, which followed the Mayflower (it is not known for sure which ship Roger was on – it is known that his brother was on the Ann, and so it is assumed that he was on the Ann also).


Two books that provide information about Roger Conant were written by Thomas Conant (1842-1905).  They are Upper Canada Sketches, With Illustrations, Portraits and Map, (Toronto: William Briggs, 29-33 Richmond Street West, 1898) and Life in Canada (Toronto: William Briggs, 1903).  The first book contains a number of color illustrations.  These books were given to me by my father, Joseph George Caldwell (1921-1993), who received them from his father, Joseph George Caldwell  (1895-1968), Edna Mary’s son.  My father also gave me her diary, which I gave to Patsy Ann Jones-Rei of Smithers, British Columbia a few years ago.


A typed version of Edna Mary Conant Caldwell’s diary is posted at Internet web site http://www.foundationwebsite.org/EdnaMaryConant.pdf .  The diary was typed by my aunt, Patricia Caldwell Jones Mitchell  (who also lives in Smithers).


Thomas Conant’s books may be viewed online at the following locations:


Upper Canada Sketches:

http://archive.org/details/cihm_00740 (options page) or http://archive.org/download/cihm_00740/cihm_00740.pdf  (.pdf file)


Life in Canada:

http://archive.org/details/cihm_71466 (options page) or http://archive.org/download/cihm_71466/cihm_71466.pdf (.pdf file)

The .pdf files  are in black and white.  A  color version of Upper Canada Sketches is posted at http://www.archive.org/stream/uppercanada00conauoft#page/n7/mode/2up .