A collection of items on immigration, assembled from elsewhere on the web site.

Book on population policy: Can America Survive?

Book on decline of the United States: The Late Great United States.

A Charge of Treason A letter to President George W. Bush

NotesOnImmigMisc7 Some Remarks on Immigration: The Immigration Issue Is Heating Up; The Population Explosion; The Arguments Against Immigration; The Return of Slavery; My Dream; What Can Be Done?; It Is Now Too Late.

NotesOnImmigMisc10 More Immigration Problems.

NotesOnImmigMisc12 One More Cost of Mass Immigration

NotesOnImmigMisc14 Murder Is a Local Matter, unless It Has Political Potential

NotesOnImmigMisc16 The Last Days of the United States

NotesOnImmigMisc17 More on Mass Immigration: The US Government Wants Mass Immigration, Legal or Otherwise; Don't Solve the Problem, Just Spend Money on It; The Wrong Reasons for Stopping Immigration; Legal Immigrants Are More Destructive than Illegal Ones; Florida Has Now Been Ruined: on to South Carolina; The Rise of Aztlan; Our Nineteen-Year-Olds Won't Work? Instate Tuition for Illegal Aliens, but Not for Americans from Other States!; Ten Thousand Acres per Day Being Destroyed by Immigration; Temporary Visas -- Another Lie!; Too Few Border Patrol Agents?; Immigrants Are Murdering US Citizens; The US Is No Longer a "People"; Bush Calls the Minutemen Vigilantes; With the Country Filled with Aliens, It Is Necessary to Spy on US Citizens; 200 Border Violations by Mexican Army; Mass Immigration Has Destroyed America, and There Is No Turning Back; Next Step -- Revolution!

NotesOnImmigMisc21 The Fatal Flaw of Democracy; More on the Imminent Demise of the United States; The 1986 Amnesty of Illegal Aliens Continues; Only Whites Can Be Racist.

NotesOnImmigMisc22 US Government: Ship of Fools?

NotesOnImmigMisc23 Immigration Is Destroying America; Carlos Fuentes on Immigration.

NotesOnImmigMisc24 Solomon Islands: Mass Immigration + Democracy = Lost Country; Mass Deportation Is a Natural Response to Mass Illegal Immigration.

NotesOnImmigMisc25 Russia's Declining Population; Why Reward Illegal Aliens with US Citizenship?; Bali -- Another Example of Terminal Development; The US Will Ask Mexico for Permission to Build a Border Wall?

NotesOnImmigMisc27 The Dutch "Get Smart" about Immigration; Lip Service to Saving the Environment -- Another Case of "Nero Fiddling while Rome Burns; Round Up Illegal Immigrants? -- Not Just Impractical, but Quite Unnecessary.

NotesOnImmigMisc28 Some of the Nonmonetary Costs of Immigration.

NotesOnImmigMisc29 US Fails to Deport Chinese Illegal Aliens; Federal Judge Refuses to Uphold the Law; ICE Refuses to Deport Illegal Alien; If the Federal Government Chooses Not to Act on Immigration....; Empty Chinese Shipping Containers; US Government Convicts the Law-Enforcement Agents and Frees the Criminal; Parkland Memorial Hospital Doctor Wants You to Pay for Delivery of Mexican Anchor Babies; Lou Dobbs Is Sadly Mistaken: All Mass Immigration is Bad for the US.

NotesOnImmigMisc30 US Population Explosion; Swiss Vote to Adopt Strict Rules on Asylum; Learn about Coal; US Government Refuses to Enforce Immigration Laws, and to Defend the Country from Invasion; The Border Wall Won't Work -- That's Why the US Government Is Building It!; Census: Diversity Increases across US; Jean Raspail's Prophetic Vision; Katie Couric's CBS Evening News; How Many H1-B Visas? -- Nobody Knows!; Patrick Buchanan's New Book, State of Emergency; Oaths of Office; The Border Patrol Verdicts; Local Attempts to Control Illegal Immigration; Lou Dobbs Is Wrong: All Mass Immigration -- Legal or Otherwise -- Is Bad for the US.

NotesOnImmigMisc32 The US Can't Deport Chinese Illegal Immigrants!; Gov. Bill Richardson Seeks Pardon for Mexican Illegal-Alien Criminal; One out of Seven Mexican Workers Now in US; US Government Loses 111,000 Immigration Files; Effects of Mass Immigration to America: Cultural Destruction, Genital Mutilation, Environmental Destruction, Overcrowding, Murder; Spain's Legacy of Corruption; The Grand Deception about Mass Immigration; The Debate over Racial Profiling Continues; The US Population Explosion.

NotesOnImmigMisc34 Wal-Mart Is Not to Blame for the Loss of American Manufacturing, and for the Lowering of American Wages; The Cost of a Border Fence?; Illegal Aliens Kill More Americans than Die in Iraq War.

NotesOnImmigMisc37 Californication in Progress; The Cost of the US-Mexico Border Fence; In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens; Schwarzenegger's Evil Ploy: Mandatory Health Insurance; Mandated Cowardice; Americans Killed by Illegal Immigrants; Environmental Destruction Caused by Immigration; All Illegal Aliens Are Criminals; Laotians Eat Dogs; US Leaders Encourage Destruction of US Environment, Culture, and Quality of Life; The State of the Union Address: Solving the Problem of Illegal Immigration; Rapid Population Growth Destroys Everything; 

NotesOnImmigMisc38 Democracy's Fatal Flaw; Economic Growth Cannot Continue; US Guestworker Program Already in Place; Remittances by Illegal Aliens; The Continuing Saga of the Border Patrol Agents.

NotesOnImmigMisc41 Immigration Finally Hits Home; No Down Payment Required; US Homes for Illegal Alien Drug Smugglers; The US Border Fence Should Be Cancelled?

NotesOnImmigMisc42 Only Whites Can Be Racist; The Kennedys Endorse Obama; America Favors Illegal Immigrants over Its Own Citizens; The US Government Wages War on the Middle Class; US Presidential Candidates Are Duplicitous Dissimulators; The US Government Is Systematically Destroying the US Middle Class; Mass Deportation Now!; All Immigration Is Destroying the US, Not Just Illegal Immigration; A Tale of Two Countries: the United States and Russia; Eugenics: US Illuminai Working to Improve US Gene Pool; Hitler's Consternation.

NotesOnImmigMisc43 Send the Liberians Home Immediately; 

NotesOnImmigMisc47 Health Care for Illegal Immigrants; 

NotesOnImmigMisc49 President Obama Is a Traitor; Plato Was Right; US Government Abets Illegal Aliens; 

NotesOnImmigMisc50 A Free Ride for Illegal Aliens -- Jail for US Citizens!.

NotesOnImmigMisc52 The Absurd US Population Policy; Mass Immigration Is Destroying America.

NotesOnImmigMisc59 Operation Clean Sweep: Round 'Em Up and Head 'Em Out; A More Precise Term for Illegal Immigrant: Invader

NotesOnImmigMisc60 US Citizenship for Sale; Never a Republican President Again?; Senator Lindsey Graham’s Telephone Town Hall Meeting; A. C. Grayling on Terrorism; On Dan Brown’s Inferno; On Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken; On Bradley Manning and Nidal Malik Hasan; On Hillary Clinton; On Gay Marriage; On Islamic Terrorists

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