The Masonic Temple in Monrovia, Liberia

Posted by Joseph George Caldwell at 16 August 2009


Last year I did some consulting in Monrovia, Liberia, and I stayed at the Krystal Oceanview Hotel.  The hotel is owned by Mr. Sam Gibson and his wife, Nyemale.  The hotel is very accommodating, and I enjoyed my stay there very much.


Around the corner from the hotel is a grand classical building, the Masonic Temple.  The Temple was gutted by fire in the recent revolution, and the marble façade was stripped from it.  Some basic repairs have been made to preserve it, but it is still in bad shape.


If you wish to help restore it to its former state of grandeur, I am sure that Mr. Sam would be pleased to receive your contribution and put it to good use.  His address is: Mr. Sam Gibson, Krystal Oceanview Hotel, 1000 Mamba Point, Monrovia, Liberia, telephone +231.651.0424 +231.588.2282, +231.777.67676, +231.222.00075, e-mail  Please do not send cash.  If you wish to remain anonymous, say that the contribution is from “a traveling man.”  Mr. Sam will understand.  On the level.


Picture of Krystal Oceanview Hotel    Picture of Masonic Temple 1    Picture of Masonic Temple 2