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The US Government Wants Mass Immigration, Legal or Otherwise


The US is being flooded with illegal aliens, to the tune of about three million per year.  There are now an estimated 20 million illegal aliens in the US.  President Bush and the elite who keep him in power want the alien invasion to continue unabated.  The US economy is now completely addicted to a massive population growth of about one percent a year.  This massive growth is a real “steroid” shot to the economy, requiring the building of homes, schools, hospitals, roads and other infrastructure, and generates much other economic activity.  Without illegal aliens, the US population growth rate would be only about a million a year, or about one-third of one percent.  With open borders an illegal immigration, the US population growth rate is about three million a year, or about one percent a year.  The birth rate of the once-dominant European-derived class of Americans has dropped below replacement level.  The same is true of US blacks, who once represented our largest (10%) minority.  The new immigrants, and especially, the illegal ones, are breeding like rabbits.  This is great for our growth-addicted economy.


If the US government wanted to stop illegal immigration, it could do so, in about a week.  As I once speculated in my book, Can America Survive?, an easy way to accomplish this is simply to make illegal immigration a capital crime, and publicly hang an illegal immigrant each day.  Within days, illegal immigrants would be flooding back to Mexico and the other places they came from.  In most countries of the world, illegal immigration is a serious crime.  In the US, it is not a crime at all, but a civil misdemeanor.  If the US government wanted to stop illegal immigration, it could do so in an instant.  It does not want to do so.  It does not want to stop immigration in any form, legal or illegal.  In 1965, immigration was about 300,000 per year, most of it legal.  That is a rate of about .15 percent per year.  Now, it is ten times that amount, with about two thirds of it illegal.


By allowing the invasion of America by illegal immigrants, President Bush is committing an act of treason.  In his oath of office, he vowed to uphold the Constitution, which requires him to oppose invasion of the United States.  Why does no one take him to task, and formally charge him with treason?  Because the powers that be want the invasion to take place.


Some years ago, I wrote against birthright citizenship and the “family reunification” provisions of our current immigration law.  I wrote that it was ridiculous to allow a Mexican whore to enter the US, have a baby, grant the baby automatic “birthright” citizenship, and then allow the mother to become a US citizen under the “family reunification” provisions of the Immigration Act of 1965.  When I wrote my earlier piece, I had though that the practice of aliens having babies to secure US citizenship was being done on a small scale.  Was I wrong!  CNN Lou Dobbs Tonight recently presented a report on this phenomenon.  The babies of illegal aliens are called “anchor babies,” and there are an estimated 200,000 – 300,000 of them are born per year in the US!  That is comparable to the entire amount of immigration to the US in 1965!  Here are segments from two Lou Dobbs Tonight programs on anchor babies.


Lou Dobbs Tonight, 30 March 2005


Every year, almost 300,000 babies are born to illegal alien in this country. Those babies are called anchor babies because every one of them instantly becomes a U.S. citizen, anchoring them to the United States. And with that privilege comes access to this country's public benefits and the right to petition the government to make the rest of their family legal citizens.


Christine Romans has our report.




CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Here in Arkansas, pregnant illegal aliens get free neonatal care for their babies who will be American citizens.


JULIE MUNSELL, ARKANSAS DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES: It costs about $1,800 for total prenatal care, and it costs a roughly that or more a day for one day of crisis care in the neonatal intensive care unit.


So we're trying to balance the cost. And good preventative health care, as far as we can tell, is almost immeasurable.


ROMANS: Illegal aliens are eligible for federal funds for prenatal care and childbirth, and the 14th Amendment to the Constitution says all persons born in the United States are citizens of the United States.


PETER SCHUCK, YALE LAW SCHOOL: At the margin, it certainly increases the desire of people to come here illegally, because it creates a benefit for them if they have their child in the United States.


ROMANS: Benefits like welfare, food stamps, school lunch programs. And free education. For example, an illegal couple in California with two anchor babies can get as much as $12,000 in public benefits.


MARK KIRKORIAN, CENTER FOR IMMIGRATION STUDIES: An enormous proportion, probably most of the costs of services provided to illegal alien families is because of the U.S.-born children that these illegals have.


ROMANS: The Urban Institute estimates there are three million so-called anchor babies and another 1.6 million children in this country illegally.


In Arizona, at the Maricopa County Medical Center, an anchor baby is born every three hours. Two out of three births are to illegal aliens, 2,900 each year. It's a huge part of the $28 million overall spent treating illegal aliens at just one hospital.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's important to realize that whether those funds come from the federal government or whether they come from state -- from state government, it is all taxpayer money.


ROMANS: By law, emergency rooms cannot turn away illegal aliens for any reason, and hospitals are not required to ask if patients are illegal.




ROMANS: Now Congress is expected to consider legislation this year that would deny automatic citizenship to anchor babies. Ireland did it last year. But, Lou, this has been tried before in the United States. It has always failed.


DOBBS: And what did Ireland do?


ROMANS: Ireland said that just because you are born in this country, if both of your parents are illegal does not automatically make you an Irish citizen.


DOBBS: Extraordinary. And in Maricopa County, Arizona, two out of three babies born, illegal?


ROMANS: At just one hospital. One every three hours.


DOBBS: Incredible. Christine Romans, thank you very much.


[End of first Lou Dobbs piece.]


Lou Dobbs Tonight, 4 November 2005


DOBBS: Tonight the fight is on in Congress over so called anchor babies. Some 200,000 anchor babies are born to illegal aliens in this country each year. These babies instantly become U.S. citizens, and illegal alien parents of anchor babies can become U.S. citizens as well, with the sponsorship of those babies as they grow up.


Many in Congress, now an increasing number, say these birthright citizen protections simply have to end. Christine Romans reports.




CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): On Capitol Hill doubts whether babies born in this country to people here illegally should be given automatic citizenship.


REP. DANIEL LUNGREN (R), CALIFORNIA: There is growing sentiment among Republicans and I think among other members of Congress, that this ought to be seriously looked at. Do we give people automatic citizenship merely because their mother was able to come here illegally and have the child while they were in our country?


ROMANS: Congressman Duncan Hunter is the latest in a half dozen proposals to end birthright citizenship. Many say authors of the 14th Amendment never meant to grant citizenship to every person who happened to be born on U.S. soil.


Written in 1868 to give citizenship to freed slaves, the 14th Amendment reads, "All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the United States."


But legal scholars zero in on these six words "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof."


JOHN EASTMAN, CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY LAW SCHOOL: It's that second clause that undermines the claim of birthright citizenship. You had to be subject to the complete jurisdiction of the United States, which means you didn't owe allegiance to any other nation through your parents.


ROMANS: That analysis is resonating among some House Republicans who see birthright citizenship as a powerful draw for illegal aliens.


ROY BECK, NUMBERS USA: Birthright citizenship tells you that if you can get into a country and have a baby there, there's a good chance you'll never have to leave. That's a tremendous enticement to law breaking around the world. And most advanced countries just know that they cannot keep that up.




ROMANS: Beck says the very idea of a guest worker program becomes unworkable if birthright citizenship is allowed.


Now, there's some disagreement on the best way to challenge what is now been more than a hundred years of practice in this country, but more and more congressman now say they are willing at least to try to legislate this, if not go ahead and try to amend the actual Constitution, Lou.


DOBBS: We've been reporting on these issues, Christine, for several years. There does seem to be a groundswell in Congress now to look at border security and to start examining some of these bizarre twists in -- in our law that are being exploited by those who want to abuse citizenship rights.


ROMANS: And some of the House Republicans are saying they're finding some consensus on this particular part of immigration reform. They're a little leery of actually trying to amend the Constitution. They think that maybe they might have a better chance of selling it if they can -- if they can legislate it instead.


DOBBS: Christine Romans, thank you.


[End of second Lou Dobbs piece.]


It is not just anchor babies that aliens are using to gain legal entrance to the United States.  The so-called “marriage scam” is another avenue.


Lou Dobbs Tonight, 30 November 2005


DOBBS: Tonight, wedding bell blues for some who are trying to run a huge marriage scam in this country for illegal aliens. Immigration officials have shut down a major marriage scam that offered sham marriages to aliens willing to pay outrageous sums of money. Bill Tucker reports.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I take this ring.


BILL TUCKER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: $60,000 bought a sham marriage to a U.S. citizen, phony immigration documents and a real green card. It was one-stop shopping.


KEVIN JEFFERY, SPECIAL AGENT, ICE: Phony marriage certificates, wedding pictures, receptions and then fly them back into the country once they were here.


They also assisted them with -- when they would go before the adjudicators and coach them into the line of questioning that they were going to undergo.


TUCKER: The investigation was dubbed "Operation Newlywed Game." Charges include conspiracy, passport fraud, immigration fraud, marriage fraud. Immigration benefit fraud charges are pending. "Operation Newlywed Game," is the largest case of its kind, with 44 indictments handed down.


In September, immigrations and customs enforcement broke up two rings in Florida and Illinois. And 32 indictments were handed down in June in Iowa. But despite these recent successes, critics call the arrests, laudable but inadequate.


MICHAEL CUTLER, FORMER INS AGENT: The problem that we're facing is that we have far too few agents chasing far too many potential, good prosecutions. Right now, there's about 2,300 special agents to cover the entire country.


TUCKER: And when President Bush talks about increasing interior enforcement, he's never spoken once about adding agents or money to immigration and customs enforcement. Bill Tucker, CNN. (END VIDEOTAPE)


[End of Lou Dobbs piece.]


The US government is laughing at efforts of citizens to stop the mass immigration that is destroying the nation’s culture and environment.  No other country in the world allows immigration at the levels that the US does.  In most countries, illegal immigration is a punished crime, but not here.  President Bush brands anyone who tries to stop illegal immigration, such as the Minutemen, as vigilantes.  The government wants a US population growth rate of about one percent a year, and it is going to have it, no matter what.


Local Governments Try to Deal with Illegal Aliens


The US policy for dealing with illegal aliens is a complete sham.  The government does not intend to allow anything to be done that will decrease immigration.  If, because of citizen uproar, the level of illegal immigration is decreased, then it will simply legalize it (e.g., through “amnesties,” “guest worker” programs, or “temporary visa” programs).  When the US government catches illegal aliens, it simply releases them into the country if they do not have felony convictions and are deemed not to pose a threat to national security.  They are given a notice to appear in court for deportation proceedings, but most never show up for their hearing.  Until, recently, local police officials were forbidden to ask people about their legal status.  This recently changed in Costa Mesa, California, where local police may now do so (8 December 2005).  This change has caused quite an uproar among pro-immigration groups, who are charging that the action is “racist.”


On 7 December 2005 on CNN Lou Dobbs Tonight, it was announced that the US plans to end its absurd program of “catch and release” – but only for Mexicans caught within 100 miles of the US-Mexico border and only for those who have been here for less than two weeks.


The US government has announced plans to build large detention facilities to house illegal aliens, rather than releasing them.  Once again, it is clear that the government will do anything that requires economic activity without decreasing total immigration.  It does not want to stop immigration.  It will build border walls and detention facilities and anything else that costs money but does nothing to stop immigration, but it will not allow anything to be done that will reduce it.  It is addicted to a growth economy.  Massive population growth is good for economic growth and generation of wealth for the elite who run the country, and it will continue.


The government – the puppet / tool of the wealthy – will continue mass immigration and mass free trade until America’s European culture is destroyed, until the middle class is destroyed, until the environment is destroyed, and until the petroleum reserves that fuel the economy run out.  And then, when the US and the rest of the industrialized world have been converted into third-world countries, and the planet’s environment has been destroyed beyond repair, they will simply perish, along with all of the rest of the planet’s people and other species.


You often hear the President state, “We are a nation of immigrants.”  This reminds me of a person in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, who confesses, “I am an alcoholic.”  For a strong country, immigration was required in sufficient numbers to destroy the American Indian culture that previously occupied the land, and to have an economy sufficiently large to stand up to Germany, Japan, and Russia.  History showed that a population of 150 million (greater than that of Germany, of Japan, and of Russia) was quite adequate to accomplish that objective.  Doubling the population to its current level was totally unnecessary, and has accomplished nothing but the destruction of America’s European-derived culture, its strong middle class, and its environment.  Addicted to population growth and the massive economic activity associated with it, it has long passed the population density that can be supported by its solar energy resources (less than 100 million).  Its economy is now hopelessly addicted to massive amounts of foreign oil.  Its bloated population and growth-addicted economy will collapse catastrophically, as global oil reserves start to decline.


At the end of World War II (1945), the US was a people.  In the 1930s immigration had dropped to about 50,000 people per year, or about .04 percent.  The country had assimilated its immigrants into a relatively homogeneous culture – mostly white, European Protestants, almost all English speaking.  The various minorities – blacks, Catholics, Jews, Hispanics – were not very different in basic core values, and they were not at all vocal or rebellious.  America’s largest immigrant community – the Germans – had been totally assimilated, and were all English speaking.  The US at that time was a “people.”


Today, the US is no longer a “people” – a group of people of common race, language, religion, culture and heritage.  It is a heterogeneous hodge-podge of diverse cultures and languages.  With its allowing of the use of Spanish, it is fragmenting, just as Canada did by allowing the speaking of French.  The US, as a people, is finished.  It will remain a nation as long as it continues to have access to massive amounts of energy, so that everyone continues to have a large “slice” of economic pie.  As the petroleum age draws to an end, however, it will quickly fragment into Joel Garreau’s Nine Nations of North America.  At the present time, the US is a process, not a people.


By the way, there are several interesting books about the impossibility of continuing a growth-based economy in the long term.  These include: Beyond Growth, by Herman E. Daly (Beacon Press, 1996); For the Common Good, by Herman E. Daly and John B. Cobb, Jr. (Beacon Press, 1989); The Entropy Law and the Economic Process, by Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen (Harvard University Press, 1971).  Books that comment on the foolishness and destructiveness of America’s immigration policies include (among many others): Alien Nation, by Peter Brimelow (Harper, 1995); and The Camp of the Saints, by Jean Raspail (The Social Contract Press, 1973).


US Jobs for Foreigners, but No Foreign Jobs for US Citizens


At this point in my life, I am “semi-retired” – I still take a look at the weekly postings of short-term overseas assignments.  The thing that never ceases to amaze me is that when I see a notice for a job funded by the European Union (EU), it almost always states that the job is restricted to those with citizenship in EU countries.  But the jobs funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) are almost never restricted to US citizens.  This is insane!  The US Government has lost its mind!  It promotes “free trade,” and then accepts severe trade restrictions by foreign governments.  On Lou Dobbs Tonight recently it was reported that the US tariff on Geely automobiles from China will be 2.5 percent, but the Chinese Government imposes a 25 percent tariff on US automobiles.


Japan operates three automobile manufacturing plants in the United States, but the US operates no automobile manufacturing plants in Japan.  In 1980, General Motors had 40 percent of the US auto market; it now has 26 percent, and is on the verge of bankruptcy.  General Motors was once the leading auto maker in the world.  Now Toyota Motor Company is.  All of this has happened because of massive international free trade.


Our government is insane.  The US accepts more immigrants from foreign countries than any other country – more than all other countries combined – but most foreign countries will not accept US immigrants at all?  Moreover, in most foreign countries illegal immigration is a crime, and you will be imprisoned.  In the US, we simply catch illegal immigrants and release them.  How long will the US public put up with the fools in charge of its government?


Don’t Solve the Problem (Whatever It May Be) – Just Spend Money on It


President Bush announced a few months ago that the US proposed to spend seven billion dollars in the “fight” against avian influenza (“bird flu”).  The massive loss of human life that will result from another bird flu epidemic (like the one in the early twentieth century) is caused by extreme overpopulation of the planet with human beings, the crowding of them together in unsanitary cities, and the gross intermingling of human beings with their own and other species.  President Bush has said nothing about addressing the source of the problem.  Quite the contrary, he promotes, and must be overjoyed with, the prospect of more people and more economic activity everywhere in the world.  Anything that generates economic activity is good for the economy, and for the economic system that he worships.


It has been estimated that the cost of building a wall between the US and Mexico would be about eight billion dollars, and that the cost of providing social services to illegal aliens from Mexico is about ten times this amount.  So why does the US not build the wall (since it might actually restrict the flow of illegal aliens and thereby reduce economic activity)?  Well, if it is clear that it will NOT stop the flow of illegal aliens across the border, then the government will indeed proceed to build it.  The US government will oppose building the wall only if it appears that it might actually work.  It wants three million people to enter the US each year, legally or otherwise.  It will not take any action that will ultimately reduce the flow of immigrants to this country.  If they are legal immigrants, that is fine.  If they are illegal immigrants, that is fine, too.  If the people press for an end to illegal immigration, then the government will press to have the illegal ones made legal (“amnesty,” “guest workers”).  The government intends for immigration to the US to be on the order of three million people a year, legal or otherwise, since that is good for the economy.


Until now, the US Government has operated a “catch-and-release” system for dealing with illegal aliens.  It catches them, and then releases them.  I heard a few weeks ago on CNN Lou Dobbs Tonight (7 December 2005) that the Government plans to modify this program slightly, to catch and release only those Mexicans caught within 100 miles of the Mexican border, who have been in the country for less than two weeks.  Why does the US Government bother to catch illegal aliens, and then release them?  First, because the government wants the illegal aliens in the country, since they are good for the economy, but it wants to appear to be doing something to restrict illegal immigration, since most citizens do not want either illegal immigration or mass immigration.  Second, because the catch-and-release system generates economic activity – much more than either not bothering to apprehend them at all, or catching catch them and executing them.  Recently, the Government announced plans to build massive detention facilities for holding illegal aliens after it catches them.  Why would it do this, instead of simply passing a law that illegal immigration is a capital crime, and enforcing it a few times – at which point they would all leave immediately?  Why, because building massive numbers of detention facilities is good for the economy.  It will cost millions or billions of dollars to build the facilities, and billions more to operate them – tens of thousands of dollars per year per prisoner.  And then they can release them again.


On Lou Dobbs Tonight it was recently reported that there is a town, Cactus, Texas, in which more than half of the residents are illegal aliens.  Why does our government allow this?  Don’t bother to respond to this question – I already know the answer.


Recently, the Dallas school district announced plans to hire illegal aliens as bilingual teachers, because sufficient American citizens could not be found to do the job.  Right on!  When the government builds its massive illegal-alien detention facilities, it can hire illegal aliens to staff it!  (This was reported on Lou Dobbs Tonight, 8 February 2006.  Dallas needs 700 bilingual-education teachers.  This fact reveals how many Mexican immigrants have flooded the Dallas area.  By the way, the Dallas school district pays its football coaches $70,000 per year, and its academic teachers $48,000 per year – we see where their priorities are!)


President Bush announced recently that the US would spend another nine billion dollars on border security next year.  Bush wants open borders and mass immigration – spending money on them and doing nothing to stop them is his program.  This approach is also used for the “War on Terrorism.”  The US government is investing millions of dollars in “data mining,” to try to detect terrorist activities.  With open borders, terrorist attacks are inevitable.  Why bother to do the data mining, when it will not stop the terrorist attacks?  Simple – it generates economic activity.  The computer companies can sell the government more computers, and the large software companies (Oracle, IBM, SAS) can sell it more software and software services.


The US government will continue to do anything that looks like action against terrorism and alien invasion, but in fact it will do nothing that is effective.  It will continue the War in Iraq (the main stated purpose of which is fighting terrorism, after no weapons of mass destruction were found), build border walls, beef up border security, continue to do data mining, and anything else that generates economic activity, but it will do nothing to reduce the flow of immigrants to the US.  If, because of public outrage over illegal immigration, it does happen to reduce illegal immigration, it will simply boost legal immigration.  It will do anything to boost economic activity and generate wealth for the plutocrats, and nothing otherwise.


If the US government wanted to stop terrorist attacks on US soil, it could easily do so, by closing the US borders, expelling aliens, and expelling the millions of immigrants from foreign cultures that it has admitted since passage of the Immigration Act of 1965, and their progeny.


The US government will not get serious about fighting terrorism until the terrorists nuke some oil fields or several large US cities.  If the terrorists are successful in destroying the oil fields, it will then be too late, and the US will have lost the War on Terror.  In addition, the Petroleum Age will be over, and with it will come the end of the Industrial Age.


It is said that every generation has its war.  Why?  It is not just that human beings love to fight and glorify war as the ultimate test of strength, courage, honor, daring and character.  When George Bush assumed the US presidency, the US economy was stagnating, with no prospect of a large war in sight.  Global nuclear war was not practical, and our “Cold War” opponent, the Soviet Union, which had justified large military budgets in the past, was gone.  What to do?  How to justify the continuation of massive defense budgets, on which the economy was crucially dependent?


The attack of September 11, 2001, on the World Trade Center buildings, saved the day.  President Bush promptly proclaimed the beginning of a “War on Terror.”  The beauty of this war – the very never-ending war that George Orwell wrote about – is that it continues forever, and can be tailored as the government sees fit to require any budget level.  Soon, it was clear that simply beefing up our airport security was not going to generate nearly enough economic activity.  To escalate the rate of expenditure, Bush invaded Iraq.  Early in the war, the government estimated the cost of the war at 200 billion dollars.  Recently, economist Joseph Stiglitz estimated the total cost of the war at two trillion dollars.  What a windfall!  The War in Iraq is causing generating economic activity on a scale that Bush probably never dreamed of!


When the country was demographically stable and the most powerful nation on Earth (1945 and later), with an already-large population (140 million in 1945, 150 million in 1950, 194 million in 1965), why would the government deliberately permit the entry of over 100 million more people?  It was already the most powerful nation on earth, and it was demographically and culturally stable.  The reason?  The money.  All it cares about is the money.  It does not care that the environment is destroyed, that the middle class is destroyed, or that the European culture is destroyed.  All it cares about is the money.  And that will cause its downfall.


Our government is not just evil in striving to destroy the American middle class.  It is now a laughingstock, since its actions appear to be so stupid.  In previous wars, the US economy produced its weapons of war.  But over the past five years America has lost 17 percent of its manufacturing work force (see Paul Craig Roberts article, “Nuking the Economy”).  Critical aircraft and weapon-system parts are now being made in China and other foreign countries.  America is now “outsourcing” many of its high-tech jobs, such as software engineering, to India and China.  It now has the largest debt and largest foreign-trade deficit in history.  It cannot pay for this war, and it cannot produce, by itself, the goods and services required to wage it, and other nations are unwilling to help.  The US is on the verge of bankruptcy.


The Wrong Reasons for Stopping Immigration


In the discussion of immigration, there are several arguments.  The argument that has been presented for many years is that immigrants are good for the economy.  In general, this is correct.  An industrialized America with 298 million people (in 2006) is wealthier and economically larger than an America with 194 million people (in 1965).  There is, of course, always the issue of who pays and who prospers – the “distributional” effects.  In general, the wealthy elite always prosper, and so they are in favor of immigration (their culture is wealth, not Anglo-Saxon Protestantism).  A book on the economics of immigration is Heaven’s Door, by George J. Borjas (Princeton University Press, 1999).  Although the economy may grow with increased immigration and free trade (including trade agreements such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA)), some people win and some people lose.  Immigration lawyers win big.  Capitalists and industrialists win big.  Investment bankers and construction company owners win big.  The US middle class generally loses.  Those whose jobs are taken over by immigrants (migrant workers, software engineers) suffer greatly.  And, since without jobs they have no economic power, they have no voice to make their pain known, and to expose the lies of those, such as the American presidents, who have said that mass immigration and massive international free trade would benefit them.


To me, the issue of whether immigrants are good or bad for the economy, or even for subsectors of it, is mainly irrelevant, and certainly irrelevant in the long run.  The important issues are protection of the environment, and protection of the culture that made the country strong.


Some people, such as Lou Dobbs, say that they are against illegal immigration, not against legal immigration.  These people are in favor of destroying US culture and the US environment just as much as those who are in favor of illegal immigration.  If we ban illegal immigrants but still allow legal immigrants, the process of destroying our culture and environment simply take a little longer – the end result is the same.


Some people argue that we should tighten our borders because it will prevent terrorism, and they try to convince pro-immigration forces that we should restrict or control immigration and exercise border control for this reason.  That is one reason for securing our borders and reducing immigration, but it is the least important reason.  We should tighten our borders and stop immigration – all immigration, both legal and illegal – because the large industrial population of the US is destroying our environment and the large influx of nonEuropean-derived immigrants is destroying our culture.  If we were to control our borders perfectly, and allow only saints to enter, the destruction of our culture and environment from increased population would continue.  Once borders are secure, people say, then we can address the immigration issue.  These two issues have little to do with each other.  Both are diminishing our national security, but even if our borders are made totally secure and we allow only law-abiding people as immigrants, then the destruction of our environment and culture will continue.  Legal immigrants to the US are in fact more destructive to the US and world environment than illegal ones because they consume / use much more energy than illegal immigrants.


The only policy that will save this country from destruction in the long run is a crash program of negative population growth.  Current US population is vastly more than can be supported by solar energy, and the population will be reduced one way or another as global oil reserves exhaust.  Waiting for global famine or global war to wipe out most of our population is a uncontrolled and cowardly way of dealing with the problem.  There are many ways that controlled population reduction may be accomplished: (1) the immediate expulsion of all illegal aliens – or, if they refuse to leave, their elimination; (2) the immediate repatriation / expulsion of most of the 100 million alien-culture immigrants to the US since passage of the Immigration Act of 1965, and their progeny; (3) allowing immigration only on a reciprocal basis, e.g., the exchange of one US citizen for one Chinese, or, more effectively, ten US citizens for one Chinese (since US citizenship is of far greater value than third-world country citizenship, the ratio should certainly be greater than one-to-one).  All Americans who are calling for immigration to continue should be transported to the foreign countries from which immigrants are coming.  They are enemies of our environment and our culture.  (By the way, you may wonder why I never include artificial birth control, abortion, or infanticide as means of population control / reduction.  In most instances these methods, in my view, are unnatural and unpleasant ways of accomplishing population control.)


On our church bulletin is a statement of five “core values” of the church.  One is that the church be “welcoming and inclusive.”  But no organization or society can be welcoming and inclusive if the guests arrive and never leave.  No society can be welcoming and inclusive to its invaders.  Only a closed society can be welcoming to strangers, and the guests must leave in a timely fashion.  In former days, nations welcomed ambassadors – very few people – and a few traders, on a reciprocal basis.  No nation ever allowed itself to be overrun with aliens, and survived.  It is impossible to be civil when there is overcrowding.  All animals, when subjected to overcrowding, become stressed and dysfunctional (aggressive, emotionally disturbed).  Xenophobia and resisting of invaders is a natural survival response.  Welcoming is not.


Since passage of the Immigration Act of 1965, America’s population has increased fifty percent because of immigrants and their progeny.  Prior to the Act, 95 percent of all immigrants were from our own (European-derived) culture.  Since passage of the Act, 95 percent are from alien cultures.  What if Germany or Russia or China or Japan or India had been forced by their leaders to increase their population by fifty percent – with most of the immigrants from alien cultures – since 1965?  Do you think that their people would sit around saying, “We must be welcoming and inclusive to our invaders!”?  Of course not!  America has adopted a stupid immigration policy, and it must be reversed (not just stopped, but reversed).  Should the Tibetans be welcoming and inclusive to the Chinese, who have adopted a program of flooding Tibet with ethnic Chinese, to destroy the Tibetan culture?  Our leaders have betrayed us, and they should be brought to book for this treachery.  Did the peoples whom the Israelites destroyed in their quest to conquer the “Promised Land” simply roll over and welcome them?  Of course not!  The US policies of mass immigration and massive international free trade are destroying our environment, culture, and nation.  This is insanity!


The Bible says that those who destroy the Earth shall be destroyed.  Every culture has a unalienable right to defend itself from invasion and destruction.  Those who press for overpopulation, crowding, squandering of our resources, and destruction of our jobs and quality of life are doing the things that eventually lead to overpopulation, social discord, concentration camps and gas chambers.  Those who would destroy our environment, our culture, our middle class should be destroyed. 


Mea Culpa


A note, to fend off the barrage of protesting e-mails and blogs:  I was in agreement with the pre-1965 policy of making US immigration quotas proportional to the country’s then-existing ethnic representation, which was almost exclusively European Christian, and I am in favor of returning to a country that is comprised of a vast majority of European Christians.  Is this because I believe that America’s pre-1965 European-derived culture was the best culture in the world?  Not at all.  It was certainly the strongest, and it founded and ran an exceptional nation for a very long time.  But that very culture is now in the process of committing cultural suicide, destroying the quality of life for its middle class, and destroying its environment, through its policies of mass immigration, massive international free trade, large human numbers and high industrial activity.


At this point, I have lost much respect for American culture.  Any culture that would destroy itself, and would destroy the planet through its policies of large human numbers and high industrial production, does not deserve to exist, and, by its own actions, will soon cease to exist.  In this era of extreme political correctness, I am not about to make any claims, à la Jensen or Herrnstein or Murray, about the intellectual superiority or inferiority of one culture or race relative to another.  The superior culture, in my view, is the long-term-survivable one that lives in harmony with the other species of the planet.  That culture, that society, does not currently exist on the Earth.


My view is that a nation is a group of people that is relatively homogeneous with respect to important human social characteristics, such as race, religion, language, culture, values and heritage.  Germany and Japan, for example, are strong nations.  In my view, a nation cannot be stable if it contains more than five percent of a quite-different minority.  I am in favor of a strong, stable United States, and this means a relatively homogeneous one.  Today’s America has increased its population since 1965 with many people from foreign cultures, and it has not assimilated them, as it did in former times.  It is now very heterogeneous.  I do not support having an America comprised of a collection of large heterogeneous cultures, because it is stressful and unstable.  It is not that I view America’s pre-1965 culture as superior to all others (although that culture it certainly scored much higher than many other cultures with respect to many important criteria) – it certainly had serious flaws, including its proclivity to self-destruction.  In spite of its flaws, however, it was a culture with many values that I respect.  It was my culture, the culture of my ancestors, and the culture that made America the strongest nation in the world.  It is still the dominant culture in the US.


In order to survive in a solar-energy world, America’s population must decrease dramatically, and soon.  If this is to be done without civil war or a massive die-off, then the mass immigration that America has allowed in recent years must be reversed.  Who should leave?  In my view it is those of cultures other than the dominant European-derived one that founded the country.  Does this make me a racist or a tribalist?  Of course it does.  All human beings are racist, to the core.  They believe that human life is more important, more valuable, and more intelligent than any other species on the planet.


I stand up for my family, race, my tribe, my religion, my culture and my nation.  I recognize that these are arbitrary divisions of the human community, and that I was born into them, and that, in the universal scheme of things, one is no “better” than another.  I also recognize that a man who does not stand up for his family, his race, his nation – unless they are horribly flawed – is a despicable traitor.  Does this view make me a racist, a tribalist, a nationalist?  You bet!  Does this mean that I view my family, race, religion, culture and nation as the best among all?  Of course not.  I was simply born into them – they are the “side” that I was assigned to in the “game of life.”  If I do not like some aspect of my nation or culture or species, am I not right in trying to improve it?  Yes, indeed.  That is why I am striving to set up a synarchic, minimal-regret population after the collapse of global industrial society.  That system consists of a single-nation high-technogy population of five million and a globally distributed population of five million hunter-gatherers.  In the interim, the US is my nation and home, English is my language, Caucasian is my race, and Christianity is my religion, and I am prepared to defend them at great length.


So I would say to all ethnic groups, of all races, languages, and religions other than my own – other than the European-derived culture of 1965 America: Stay in your own countries, and let us stay in ours.  If we choose to exchange ambassadors, and wish to engage in a polite level of tourism or trade or intermarriage or espionage, that is fine.  But do not set yourself on a mass invasion of my country, or I will defend myself and my people with all appropriate means.  If your leaders are so uncaring or venal or incompetent that they cannot make your own land good for you, I am sorry for you.  But that is not my problem.  It is your problem, and you should deal with it without trying to make it my problem.  I resent your destroying my way of life because your own country and culture are so inadequate and repulsive to you that you feel you must leave them and invade mine.  But do not do this.  If you are still in your own country, remain there.  If you are in my country, it is time for you to leave.  Consider yourself warned.


Legal Immigrants Are More Destructive Than Illegal Ones


Many people in the US are against illegal immigration, but have no problem with legal immigration.  But legal immigration is destroying US culture and environment to an even greater extent than illegal immigration.  Most of the 100 million immigrants and their offspring that have been added to the US in the years since the passage of the Immigration Act of 1965 are now economically active citizens.  Their economic activity destroys the environment, not just in the US, but worldwide (air pollution, sea pollution, global warming).  When a person from a poor country comes to the US, he uses ten times as much energy as if he had stayed in his home country.  Mass US immigration is destroying not only the US, but the entire planet as well.  The planet cannot afford to have more than a very small industrialized population, since it is so polluting.


The people who oppose illegal immigration but approve or condone legal immigration are very short-sighted.  If all illegal immigration were banned today, and legal immigration allowed to continue at one million immigrants per year, it would just take somewhat longer for the US population to reach 400 million, 500 million, 600 million – whatever number is possible before the world’s oil runs out.  But the end result will be exactly the same – complete destruction of the environment, the US middle class, and US European-derived culture.


The call for a stop to illegal immigration should be expanded to include a call for an end to all immigration.  In fact, expulsion of those granted “amnesty” by President Reagan would be helpful in stemming the destruction, as well as revocation of all “birthright” citizenship granted to all alien children in the past.


The US geographic area can support only a few million people at a high level of living, on solar energy.  The country’s population long ago passed the point at which it exceeded the land’s solar-energy “carrying capacity.”  Legal immigrants are, in fact, more destructive of the environment than illegal ones, since they are responsible for generation of so much more industrial waste.


As soon as global petroleum reserves exhaust, there will be a massive global “die-off” of the human population.  The populations of industrial countries will die off in the greatest proportion, since the populations of those countries exceed the land’s solar-energy carrying capacity to a much greater extent than do the populations of the poorer countries of the world.  With each new immigrant added to the US population, the number and proportion who will die here increases.  With each added immigrant, the odds that you and your progeny will survive the die-off decreases.  The chance of survival of an immigrant’s progeny would in fact be greater had he remained in his original homeland (since odds are that it is poorer than the US, and has not exceeded its carrying capacity to such an extent as the US has).


If the US does not embark on a program of negative population growth, it will face a massive die-off.  Of course, it will not entertain negative population growth, or even zero population growth, or even low growth.  The government is committed to maximum economic growth, including the maximum population growth that this will allow.  Our leaders are embarked on a course to destroy the country and the world, by strangling it with the waste of uncontrolled economic production and uncontrolled human population growth.


Florida Has Now Been Ruined: On to South Carolina!


When I lived in Florida in 1953, the population was about two million people.  The state was uncrowded and very pleasant.  You could go to Clearwater Beach and be relatively undisturbed.  You could take a bushel basket to most places along the Gulf Coast and quickly fill it with “fruits of the sea” (lobsters, crabs, clams, fish).


Florida has now been ruined.  Its population is now 16 million people.  Miami is no longer a resort for rich English-speaking northerners.  It is now an Hispanic city, flooded with immigrants from Central and South America.  I kept a home in Clearwater, Florida, from 1997 until last year.  In 1953, when I previously lived in Florida (in Lakeland), Clearwater was a sleepy little town, quite separated from the nearby cities of Tampa and St. Petersburg.  Now, that area is an urban megalopolis stretching for fifty miles.


Florida has been ruined by mass immigration.  The quality of life is now so poor in Florida that many Floridians are leaving.  People who retired there from the northern US are now heading back there is such large numbers that they now have a name: “halfbacks.”  This name refers to the fact that they are not going all the way back north, but stopping to settle in northern Georgia and South Carolina.


I lived in South Carolina from 1956-58.  At that time, the population of South Carolina was about 2.2 million people.  Now it is four million.  The population growth rate in South Carolina has taken off.  There are now an estimated 400,000 Mexican illegal aliens living in South Carolina.  When I was a boy in the 1950s, you could camp undisturbed on Fripp Island and Hilton Head Island.  No more.  Those islands are now gated communities reserved for the wealthy.


The leaders of South Carolina want more population and more economic growth.  They are quite willing to see South Carolina destroyed the same way that Florida, California, and several other states have been destroyed.


The nation is being destroyed by mass immigration, both culturally and environmentally.  The quality of life is plummeting for the middle class, which previously enjoyed the benefits of low population densities and much untrammeled access to natural places.  No more.  Both spouses in middle-class families have to work, and the father may have to work two jobs.  Having a cottage on a lake or the seashore is now out of the question for the middle class, both because few nearby places remain, and because the prices, because of the overpopulation and overcrowding of America, are prohibitive.  The quality of life for the US middle class has been destroyed by our leaders.  The day of retribution for this heinous crime against millions is drawing nigh.  As the Bible says, “Those who destroy the earth shall be destroyed.”


The Rise of Aztlan


When I lived in Arizona in the early 1980s, I heard of Aztlan, the movement to return control of the southwestern US to Mexico.  But it was rarely acknowledged, and I never heard anyone speak on the subject publicly.  Recently, in response to US private-citizen efforts to curb illegal immigration, proponents of Aztlan are now quite vocal, and you can see and hear advocates of Aztlan on the evening news, and in many anti-anti-immigration protests.  In previous times, attempts to conquer parts of America were taken seriously.  President Lincoln declared a war on states that attempted to secede from the Union, which had turned against them.  But our current plutocratic government cares nothing about anything except generation of wealth for its wealth owners.  It does not matter to them if the southwestern US is returned to Mexico, as long as the money keeps pouring in.


Our Nineteen-Year-Olds Won’t Work?


I recently had some yard work done by a local plant nursery.  All of the employees who did the work were Mexicans.  When I was a boy, most yard work was done by high school or college students.  When I asked the owner about this, he told me that nineteen-year-old Americans don’t want to work.  This is bullshit.


Nineteen-year-old Americans are quite willing to work, if paid a decent wage, as they were in the past.  The problem is that when the government allows 100 million immigrants to the country in the past few decades, including twenty million current illegal aliens, and when it opens the borders to “free trade” so that US workers have to compete with people earning a dollar a day in third-world countries, then it becomes impossible to pay an American worker at the levels that his father worked at.


The government has declared war on the American middle class.  By its open-border policies, it is forcing American workers to compete with desperate Mexican and Central American workers.  By its free-trade policies, it is forcing American workers to compete with third-world workers earning a dollar a day.  Programs like NAFTA and CAFTA are destroying the good-paying jobs of the American middle class.


The only way we could have a good standard of living for a large middle class was for us to keep the borders closed and prohibit free trade.  Any high-school student of economics knows that if you must compete with other firms whose workers earn a dollar a day, you will have eventually to pay our own workers the same slave wages.  American workers were more productive in the past because they had access to fabulous machines, large amounts of energy, training and technology that were not available in the rest of the world.  Now that those machines and energy and technological know-how are available to all countries of the world, American wages must decline, as they are now doing.  They could only be kept high if we closed the borders to mass immigration and massive international trade.  America’s leaders decided to open those borders, and destroy the quality of life for the American middle class.


The government routinely tells lies that these free-trade programs will make things better for American workers, when it knows that they will depress wage levels here, and force American families to have two or three incomes just to survive in our technological society.  By means of mass immigration and massive international free trade, America’s leaders have impoverished the economic and environmental quality of life for the American middle class.  America, wake up!  Your leaders have deliberately betrayed you, and destroyed your quality of life.  What are you going to do about it?


Instate Tuition for Illegal Aliens, but Not for Americans from Other States!


It was announced on Lou Dobbs Tonight on 14 December 2005 that the state of California, and some other states as well, extend instate tuition to illegal aliens, but force American citizens who are residents of other states to pay high “out of state” tuition.  This is insane!  Why has the US government allowed the country to be flooded with illegal aliens?  Why does it continue to do nothing to expel them?  Why do US citizens allow their leaders to destroy their quality of life, without doing anything about it?


Ten Thousand Acres per Day Being Destroyed by Immigration


US population growth is about three million people per year.  All of this is because of immigration, both legal and illegal, and the progeny of immigrants.  (The total fertility rate (number of children ever born to a woman) has been less than 2.1 (replacement level) for American whites since 1970, and had decreased to less than 2.1 for American blacks by 1983.  The total fertility rate for whites is still less than 2.1, and has increased for blacks in recent years only because of the rapid breeding of new black immigrants.)  Without immigration, US population would not be increasing; it would likely be shrinking a little (and that would be a very good thing, since the population is now vastly beyond what can be supported by solar energy).


It has been estimated that an acre of natural land is destroyed for each immigrant to the US (for houses, roads, schools, stores, etc.).  Three million immigrants per year is about 8200 immigrants per day, on average.  So, by allowing mass immigration to the US, our leaders have committed the country to a continuing program of destroying about 8200 acres of natural land, every day.  This is criminal!  Our leaders are destroying our beautiful natural environment, just to increase their wealth.  Public opinion polls show that the European-derived people who built this country do not want mass immigration.  When is the American public going to put a stop to the treachery of their leaders?


In a recent speech, President Bush declared that we are a “nation of immigrants,” and a “welcoming society.”  President Bush wants more immigrants because they generate more wealth for the plutocrats who control the economy.  By adopting a policy of massive international free trade, he has driven the wages of the middle class so low that it now seems almost necessary to open the borders to mass immigration for low-wage alien laborers to do the low-paid jobs and for skilled foreigners (H1B visas) to do the skilled jobs, at a fraction of what Americans were previously paid for those jobs.  President Bush and his predecessors have destroyed the good life for the US middle class.


The US government claims that thousands of jobs have been created in the US economy, for the thousands of immigrants that it has allowed to enter.  But the good jobs that the middle class previously had are being destroyed at an horrific rate.  The middle class can no longer have its jobs at the wages they once made since immigrants are willing to accept far less, or, because of mass international free trade, their jobs have simply been lost to manufacturing facilities in low-wage-rate countries.  Even skilled workers, such as those in the information technology field are losing their jobs to foreign workers.  This is happening either directly, because of immigration (because their jobs are being taken over by holders of the 95,000 H1B visas, or by naturalized immigrants) and outsourcing (to workers in foreign countries); or indirectly, because of mass international free trade (which means that firms in low-wage-rate foreign countries are hiring their own people to make goods that are sold to the US).  The only way that the American middle class could be paid high wages, in a world filled with low-wage third-world countries, was to keep its borders closed, and to ban mass international free trade.  The government lied to its citizens, telling them that mass international free trade, and programs like NAFTA and CAFTA would benefit them.  Mass international free trade benefits only the wealthy.


Your leaders, through their lies and their allegiance to the wealthy elite that control the country, have destroyed your way of life, your culture, and your environment.  They have done this through mass immigration and mass international free trade.  The wealth generated by mass immigration and mass international free trade has profited America’s plutocrats tremendously.  This wealth earned from mass immigration and massive free trade was earned at a high cost, however – the middle class has lost its high standard of living and its fabulous low-population-density natural environment.  America’s middle class may have been deceived by its leaders’ lies, but the leaders knew exactly what they were doing.  They sold you down the river.  They have destroyed the quality of life for the US middle class, both economically and environmentally.  Is the US middle class going to allow this treachery to go unpunished?


The US economy is now addicted to growth.  It thrives on the additional homes and schools and other facilities that are needed to accommodate three million additional people every year.  But this is destroying the European-derived culture that founded America, built America, and made it the most powerful nation on Earth.  By promoting mass immigration and mass international free trade, our leaders are destroying the US middle class, the US European culture, and the US environment.  Our leaders are traitors.  They have willfully violated their oath to uphold the US Constitution, which requires them to repel alien invasions.  They have betrayed the US middle class and the environment.  No other country in the world allows immigration to the extreme, as the US does.  No other country simply “catches and releases” millions of immigrants per year – in most countries illegal aliens are jailed!  When is the US public going to realize how its leaders – not just Bush, but all leaders for the past fifty years – have deceived them, lied to them, betrayed them, and destroyed their good-quality way of life?



Temporary Visas – Another Lie!


In addition to granting of millions of resident visas, the US has had in place a program of “temporary” visas, under which the aliens are eventually supposed to leave the country.  Temporary visas are granted, for example, to captured illegal aliens whose countries have suffered a “natural” disaster, such as an earthquake.  The sad fact about “temporary” visas is that the holders of them are never expelled from the US.  Temporary visas are just one more lie that the US government uses to keep aliens coming to this country.  (Lou Dobbs Tonight, 7 February 2006).


Too Few Border Patrol Agents?


Now that the US has allowed twenty million illegal aliens within its borders, it now claims that it has too few border patrol agents to control the illegal alien problem.  The US has only 2300 border patrol agents.  Of course that is too few, under our policy of doing nothing to punish them or encourage them to stay out of our country!  That is fine with the US government.  It does not want to solve the illegal alien problem.


The US rewards illegal aliens fabulously.  It allows them to have much better paying jobs than they have in their own countries.  It offers them and their children free social services and education.  It grants automatic citizenship to their children, and allows them to become citizens also, once they have a citizen-child.  It allows them to send home billions of dollars of US currency to their home countries.  It forbids our police from asking their resident status.  It forbids hospitals to ask them their resident status.  When it inadvertently catches one, if his only crime is illegal entry, he is released.


We could get rid of all illegal aliens in a few weeks, simply by making illegal immigration a capital crime, and hanging an illegal alien each day, in public. This will not be done, of course, because our government wants our population to increase by three million people each year, to line the pockets of the rich.  The US government will not take any effective measure to get rid of illegal aliens.  It may well increase the number of border patrol agents from 2300, to 5,000, or ten thousand, or a hundred thousand, but it will continue to prevent them from doing anything that stops population growth, because it is addicted to the economic growth that population growth has enabled.


Immigrants Are Murdering US Citizens


I heard a fascinating news report last year about an illegal alien in Charlotte, North Carolina.  This individual was driving 100 miles per hour in the wrong direction, and caused an automobile accident in which an innocent US citizen driving toward him was killed.  The interesting aspect of this case is that the man, a Mexican, had been deported four times, and had been cited with 13 DUIs (driving under the influence of alcohol).  North Carolina is one of the states that has granted thousands of driving licenses to illegal aliens.  It is less strict than neighboring states, and readily accepts forged documents as proof of residency.  Mexicans are by far the worst drivers in North Carolina, and their rates of drinking and driving far exceed those of US citizens.  They are responsible for the injury and death of many US citizens.  This would not happen if the US government would accept responsibility for keeping the borders secure, and for expelling all illegal aliens.


Our government is allowing millions of illegal aliens – criminals – into our country, including many members of the violent M13 gang.  Every US citizen who has been killed by illegal aliens represents someone who died simply because our government refuses to uphold the Constitution and fight against foreign invasion.  By their illegal actions, our leaders are responsible for the needless deaths of many US citizens.  Our leaders are traitors, who should be taken to task.


The US Is No Longer a “People”


Like Canada, the US is no longer a “people” – a group of human beings with common language, race, religion, culture and heritage.  At the time of the Second World War, it was a people.  It had kept immigration rates low, and restricted immigration mainly to European nations, and could “assimilate” the immigrants into the common culture.  By admitting three million immigrants a year from alien cultures around the world, assimilation is impossible.  The US is no longer a people, but a hodge-podge of people who are bound together only for economic reasons.  As soon as global oil production starts to fall, the glue that holds America together – money – will start to fade, and the sleazy fabric that America now is will fall apart.


Bush Calls the Minutemen Vigilantes


The US government has refused to even try to stem the flow of illegal aliens into this country.  The government wants mass immigration, illegal or otherwise.  Not only will it refuse to expel illegal aliens, but it will not allow private citizens to do so, either.  Some time ago, as I predicted, Bush labeled the Minutemen – the private organization that is attempting to patrol our porous borders – as “vigilantes.”


President Bush spoke of the US as a “welcoming” nation.  A nation can be a gracious host only if it restricts immigration to zero or very low levels.  The Bedouin Arabs had a custom that it was necessary to extend hospitality to a stranger for three days, and then he must leave.  Can you imagine what would happen to your house if guests arrived and never left?  A nation can be inclusive, permissive, tolerant, and welcoming only if it does not allow mass immigration.  If it does, it will alienate its own people, and destroy itself.


With the Country Filled with Aliens, It Is Necessary to Spy on US Citizens


Now that America’s leaders have seen fit to open our borders to millions of people from alien cultures, it is impossible to defend the country from internal terrorist attacks, such as the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001.  Recently, President Bush initiated a program of spying on citizen’s telephone calls to foreign countries.  With millions of immigrants from alien cultures within our borders, 20 million of whom are criminals (illegal aliens), and with mass international free trade and gross intermingling, it is impossible to maintain a high level of homeland security.


In the Second World War, it was possible to round up all ethnic Japanese and place them in concentration camps for the duration of the war.  With one-third of the US population being immigrants or immigrant progeny from alien (nonEuropean-derived) cultures, this is no longer possible.  Americans have foolishly let their leaders destroy their culture and country, and they are now paying the price of this foolishness: they are no longer able to live free in a free land, filled with their own kind.


200 Border Violations by Mexican Army


It was reported on the 26 January 2006 edition of Lou Dobbs Tonight that there have been 200 incursions by Mexican police or military over the past decade.  Compared to the 20 million Mexicans that we have allowed to enter the US, remain here, steal US jobs, and remit US currency to their homeland, this seems like rather restrained action on the part of Mexico.


Mass Immigration Has Destroyed America, and There Is No Turning Back


Since the passage of the Immigration Act of 1965, America has allowed the entry of 100 million people from alien (non-European-derived) cultures into the country, of which 20 million are criminals (illegal aliens).  It would appear that it is now entirely too late to restore the cultural homogeneity, economic independence, and natural environment that the country had in 1965.  As anyone familiar with public health knows, it is far easier to prevent an epidemic than to treat one after it has spread.  There is no going back.  The homogeneous European-derived culture of the US in 1965 has been destroyed.  One hundred million acres of natural land has been destroyed by conversion of natural land to human use.


The US can support a population of only 63 million people on its solar energy resources, at a low level of living (and only 63 thousand at a high level of living).  It was known in 1965 that US petroleum production would peak in 1969 (per petrogeologist M. King Hubbert), and that global petroleum reserves would peak within a few decades, yet America’s leaders charged ahead and invited 100 million more people into the country.  Why on earth would they do such a seemingly stupid thing?  Did they just want the wealth that a greater population brings?  Did they want to establish a larger underclass, looking to the day when our energy resources would be gone, and we would go back to plantation farming?  What on earth were they planning?


US birth rates were at replacement levels in 1965.  The population was stabilized.  The demographic transition that most countries are still waiting for (and most will never see) had already happened in the US.  If the country had terminated immigration at that time, the country would still have a population of 194 million, and probably somewhat less.  The country would not be as dependent on foreign oil as it is today.  It would have been possible to transit to a solar energy civilization, without a great population die-off.  That course of action is now lost to us.


As global petroleum reserves exhaust, the US population will eventually die in great numbers.  At the present time, there are one hundred million alien-culture immigrants and progeny in the country.  With immigration from alien cultures proceeding at three million a year, the European-derived culture will soon be outnumbered.  At that time, it is quite possible that, in the convulsive revolution that occurs as the great human die-off occurs, non-European cultures will take control of America.  The cultural destruction that the proponents of the Immigration Act of 1965 desired will then have been fully realized.


Next Step – Revolution!


Here follows a letter that I sent to the editors of some local newspapers a couple of days ago:


February 10, 2006


Letter to the Editor


Subject: A charge of treason against the President of the United States


Dear Sir/Madam:


In his oath of office, President Bush swore to defend the Constitution of the United States.  Article I, Section 8, states, “To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.”  Article IV, Section 4, states, “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion.”  The Constitution is very explicit: it is the President’s sworn duty to protect the country from invasion.


According to a recent CNN television program, (Immigrant Nation, Divided Country) there are now an estimated 7-20 million illegal aliens in the United States.  The situation is now totally out of control.  Police in Atlanta, Georgia, for example, are forbidden to arrest illegal aliens, on the grounds that local facilities can’t handle them.  On the CNN program, Asa Hutchinson, Under Secretary for Border and Transportation Security of the Department of Homeland Security, was asked why the government was not deporting all illegal aliens.  His response, incredible as it may seem, was that it did not seem humane to deport a family whose two children were US citizens (under the US policy of granting birthright citizenship to all babies born on US soil, regardless of circumstances).


The CNN program interviewed employers who spoke highly of their illegal-alien employees.  A few years ago, employers who hired illegal aliens were subject to stiff penalties.  Today, they flaunt violation of the law with impunity, on national television.  No hidden cameras needed for this documentary.

All over the country, the federal, state, and local governments are turning a blind eye to illegal immigration.  The country is no longer enforcing its laws with respect to illegal immigration.  When an illegal alien is discovered by the police, they do nothing about it.  In fact, parts of our government are busily working to extend citizenship to illegal aliens, and state and local governments are providing free social services to them.


I would call on Mr. Bush to answer the following questions.  “Why do you continue to let illegal aliens enter the United States?  Why do you continue to allow tens of millions of them to remain here?  Why is the US government continuing to provide free social services to many of them?  Why are you doing nothing?  Why do you not act?  If aiding and abetting of foreign invaders is not treason, what is?


“Our borders are not secure – from illegal aliens or anyone else. If you cannot keep tens of millions of illegal aliens out of our country, how can you hope to keep out small bands of terrorists?  Why do you refuse to fight the war on terrorism, by continuing to leave our borders vulnerable to illegal entry, and by rewarding illegal aliens for their criminal intrusion?


“You have had five years as President to consider this problem, and yet you continue to aid and abet the invaders, rather than expel them.  You have appointed men such as Asa Hutchinson, who does not see that illegal aliens should be deported.  By your actions, are you not guilty of willful, premeditated treason?  Have you taken an oath of allegiance to the plutocracy that takes precedence over your oath as President?


“Your predecessor, President Ronald Reagan, also faced an alien invasion.  His response was to sponsor a general amnesty that granted US citizenship to millions of illegal aliens – criminal invaders.  Recently, you proclaimed your intention to legalize the current invasion by means of a “guest-worker” program.  Simply declaring invaders to be citizens or “guest workers” is not what the Constitution intended by the phrases “repel invasion” and “protect from invasion.”  It intends that you repel the invasion, not harbor the invaders, provide social services to them, and grant them amnesty, citizenship, or work permits.


“The path that President Ronald Reagan took, and that you are now taking, is leading the United States down a path to balkanization and civil war.  It is your duty to defend the country against invasion.  You, sir, and other officials of your government, are in gross dereliction of duty.  Please reflect on the oath that you have taken, and the invasion that is taking place, and reconsider your position.”


It is not too late to turn back.  All it takes to repel this alien invasion is will.






Joseph George Caldwell


[End of letter.]


What is the recourse when a government refuses to enforce laws that are fundamental to the security of its citizens?  What is the recourse when elected officials refuse to enforce the Constitution that they vowed to uphold?  What is the recourse when a government has vowed to repel alien invasion, and then refuses to do so, and even demands that its citizens take no actions to do so?  What is the recourse when a people’s government has abrogated the social contract that it agreed to, and yet demands that the people take no steps to enforce those very laws, and protect itself from invasion and destruction of its culture, environment, and nation?  What is the recourse when a government destroys the quality of life for its middle class, and destroys the environment by allowing 100 million people from foreign cultures to enter it and take up residence and become citizens?  The only recourse is revolution.


President Bush and the members of Congress care nothing about US citizenship.  When the H1B visa program started, it allowed 30,000 people with high-tech skills to enter this country and take jobs away from US citizens (these immigrants, often from India and China, are quite willing to work for half the salary that US citizens had been making).  That program was recently expanded by 30,000 more visas, and has now been raised to 95,000 visas.  Each year, the US government grants birthright citizenship to 200,000 babies born to illegal aliens.  It then rewards the criminal parents by offering them citizenship under the “family reunification” provisions of our immigration law (since they now have a close relative – the baby – who is a US citizen.  The US gives away 50,000 residency visas each year, under a lottery system, to people from all cultures.  Recently (December 30, 2005), George Bush awarded “fast-track” US citizenship to two skaters, so that they could represent the US in the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.


Some people have made the ridiculous statement that not granting birthright citizenship to the baby of an illegal alien is “unfair” to the baby.  This is absurd nonsense.  By an extension of this illogic, we should immediately grant US citizenship to everyone in the world, because it is “unfair” to withhold it from them!


Because of mass immigration, hundreds of US citizens are losing their lives, being killed by violent members of the 20 million illegal aliens that have flooded the country.  The notorious M13 gang from Central America is now operating in many US states, peddling drugs and slaughtering US citizens, and yet our government does nothing.  Mexican drunk drivers are maiming and killing US citizens driving on our own highways.  How long will the US citizenry put up with its government’s insane and destructive policies and actions?


US citizenship is no longer earned.  It is given away to all comers, at zero cost.  America is in the process of committing cultural suicide.  It is the most foolish of all nations, and it will not last much longer.


Bush and the country’s leaders are giving the country away, destroying the middle class, destroying the environment, destroying the European-derived culture that made the US great, and turning the nation into a third-world country.  If I am ever in a position of power, the first step that I shall take is to exile Bush, Clinton, Carter, Ford, and all members of Congress who approve of mass immigration to Darfur, Sudan.


The US was founded by a revolution – the American Revolution – when American colonists decided that England was not acting in their interests.  By means of its decades-long policies of mass immigration and massive free international trade, the US government has set on a course of destroying the quality of life for its middle class – both its economic quality and its environmental quality.  The US middle class is starting to chafe under the destruction of its quality of life by its government.  It does not want mass immigration or free trade, but its government refuses to listen.  It did not want 100 million more foreign-culture aliens to come to the US, and crowd them out of their own country (polls have consistently shown this, not just in the US, but in Canada and Australia as well).  It did not want to compete with the slave wages of third-world countries, export its good jobs to foreign countries, be forced to compete with low-wage illegal immigrants, and see its environment destroyed by extreme overpopulation.  Because of its government’s treachery, the US middle class is headed to where the German middle class was in the 1930s, when Hitler came to power.  It is just a matter of time until a dictator takes over America, or a second American Revolution occurs.


Since 1965, America’s leaders have been giving the country away.  Through mass immigration and massive international free trade, which serves only the wealthy, they have severely damaged the natural environment, destroyed the quality of life for the middle class, and destroyed the European-derived culture that founded the country, built it, and made it great.  That culture is a sleeping giant, and it will soon move to take the country back.  It will expel the alien cultures that have destroyed its culture, environment, and quality of life.  It will destroy the plutocrats who have attacked them and their way of life.  The changes to America have been slow, over many decades.  But the return to the better past will not be slow, and it will not be peaceful.  It will be instantaneous, massive, and convulsive.  Unlike the dissolution of the Soviet Union, America’s rebirth will be explosive and violent.  The time for massive, convulsive change is nigh.


As Willie Nelson sings in The Red-Headed Stranger, the preaching is over, the lesson is over, and the killing begins.