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The Last Great War


When I was younger, I read that the last great war before the end of industrial civilization would be between the Christians and the Moslems.  I see no reason to believe that this will not happen.


Much has been written about the last war.  The literature is as old as the books of Daniel and Revelation in the Bible, and it includes much more recent material.  (The single best book that I have read on end times is Apocalypse (Penguin, 1931), by D. H. Lawrence (of Lady Chatterly’s Lover fame).)


The large body of literature on the last war, and its various sources, are not, however, the reason for my speculation that it will be a war between Christians and Moslems.  As I have observed a number of times, my views about the Apocalypse are derived from logic, not from revelation.  I believe that the industrial world will collapse in catastrophic war for many reasons, including: (1) catastrophe theory, which suggests that dynamic systems tend to end with a bang, not with a whimper (Jay Forrester’s System Dynamics models exhibit the same “crash-and-burn” behavior); (2) the human carrying capacity of the planet has been far exceeded, and human population cannot remain in this unstable condition for very long, since global oil production, which has enabled the human population explosion, is about to decline (the “overshoot and collapse” behavior of most biological populations not in equilibrium with their environment); (3) as soon as global oil production starts to decline (this year? last year? next year?) great stress will occur among nations, as they compete for the diminishing supply of oil; these nations will not simply sit down and starve to death – they will fight to the death to survive (survival, as H. Ron Hubbard has noted, is the strongest human dynamic); (4) human beings love to fight in mortal combat; they view it with fascination, as, with love, one of the greatest human experiences; if too much time passes, they grow restless, and will look for reasons to go to war – human beings were designed for conquest.  The final global war will occur very soon, since the growth of human population and industrial activity has been explosive, and explosions do not last very long.  (Read Jared Diamond’s book, Collapse (Viking/Penguin, 2005) for a realistic assessment of what is happening (and see his book, Guns Germs and Steel (Norton, 1997, 1999) to see how we got where we are).  Read Lester R. Brown’s book, Plan B 2.0 (Norton, 2006) for more information of the current state of the planet.  See Hubbert’s Peak by Kenneth S. Deffeyes (Princeton University Press, 2001) for discussion of the imminent decline in global oil production.  See Barbara Ehrenreich’s book, Blood Rites (Metropolitan Books / Holt, 1996) for discussion of man’s love of war.  See Food, Energy, and Society, revised edition, by David Pimentel and Marcia Pimentel, Editors (University Press of Colorado, 1979, 1996) for discussion of earth’s solar-energy resources.  See Overshoot: The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change by William R. Catton, Jr. for discussion of the “overshoot and collapse” phenomenon.  Other references include: The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, by Thom Hartmann (Three Rivers Press, 1998), The Party’s Over by Richard Heinberg (New Society Publishers, 2003), The Collapse of Complex Societies, by Joseph A. Tainter (Cambridge University Press, 1988), Environment, Scarcity, and Violence by Thomas F. Homer-Dixon (Princeton University Press, 1999).  Australians will enjoy Among the Barbarians by Paul Sheehan (Random House Australia, 1998) and This Tired Brown Land by Mark O’Connor (Duffy & Snellgrove, 1998).  Se also Slouching towards Gomorrah by Robert H. Bork (ReganBooks / HarperCollins, 1996).  Books dealing with human systems that recycle their own waste include E. Fritz Schumacher’s books, Small Is Beautiful (HarperPerennial, 1973), A Guide for the Perplexed (Harper Colophon, 1977), and (with Peter N. Gillingham) Good Work (HarperColophon, 1977).)


Who will win the last war?  Who knows?  Perhaps the human race will exterminate itself.  I believe, however, that it will survive, and I have written much on the planetary management system (synarchy, minimal-regret population) that I believe should be set up – and will be set up – in the wake of the collapse of the current system of global industrialization, if long-term sustainability of the human species in a biologically diverse planet is to be achieved.


It is my opinion that the last great war will be between Christianity and Islam, because, when people are looking for an excuse to go to war, they look for differences to justify their decision, and religion, with its basis in spirituality, faith, belief, subjectivity, irrationality, revelation and transcendental / mystical experience, is the most profound of all human differences, apart from sex).  Christianity and Islam are the two largest religions, representing perhaps half the world’s population, and so it is reasonable that the last great war will be between Islam and Christianity.  More specifically, it is my view that the war will be between Roman Catholicism and Islam.  Protestantism is very fragmented, split into many sects.  Roman Catholicism is unified.  The current Pope (Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger) is a German (Germany is the fount of the Illuminati).  As the split between Islam and Christianity widens (as global oil production starts to decline), violence between Islam and Christianity will escalate.  His world view (Weltanschauung) will influence Catholics to realize that we are entering a period in which the world is engaging in a global struggle for survival, and that the two major protagonists are Islam and Christianity.  He will help launch the final Crusade.  (According to the prophecy of St. Malachy, there is to be but a single pope after the current one.  The penultimate pope (the current one, Ratzinger) is viewed to be a peacemaker.  The final pope is expected to be a “dark” pope, who will preside in a time of war.  It is he, St. Malachy’s Petrus Romanus, not Ratzinger, will preside over the last great war.  (See my article, “The Last Popes,” for more on this.))


Who will win?  Will it be the Christians (Catholics) or the Moslems?  I believe that it will be neither.  My view is that they will destroy each other.  I believe that global industrial civilization will be destroyed, and that a new system of rational, sustainable planetary management (a synarchic government of a minimal-regret population) will emerge out of its ashes.  This Phoenix will be a solar civilization in which man lives in harmony with the other species of the planet.  The structure of this process is analogous to Marx’s triad: thesis (industrialization, materialism) – antithesis (anti-industrialization; environmentalism; spirituality) – synthesis (the destruction of the former by the latter, and the creation of a long-term-sustainable system of planetary management).


The modern industrial world runs on oil.  The Moslem world owns most of it, and the Christian world uses most of it.  The Moslem world is not economically developed, and so, despite its oil riches, it is largely impoverished.  The West is exploiting the Islam/Arab world’s oil just as it exploited the material riches of all of the rest of the world in colonial times.  This is simply a neocolonial time.  The Moslems/Arabs sell the raw material – the crude oil – to the West, and the West derives all of the additional “value added.”  And the Arabs remain miserably poor (as in our system, the wealthy plutocrats keep all of the money from the sale of the oil – the income distribution in the Arab world is in fact far more extreme than in the West.)  (Note: My characterization of global oil as being controlled by Moslems/Arabs is oversimplified.  There are, of course, other major sources of oil, including Russia, Mexico and Venezuela, but the total of these is small relative to the amount on Moslem land.  And in many of the non-Islamic countries that possess oil, the profits of sale of oil go to lining the pockets of the rich, not to raising the poor out of poverty – and certainly not to preserving the environment or establishing a long-term-sustainable sustainable civilization.)


As global oil production starts to decline – and this is happening right now (last year, or this year, or next year) – the industrial world will engage in intense competition for the declining supply.  Initially, the capitalist law of supply and demand will push oil prices up (already at $60 per barrel, compared to $10 a few years ago).  But eventually, it will not be able to allocate the ever-shrinking supply based on price – there will simply not be enough, at any price, to satisfy demand.  At that time, wars will break out.  The US will not want Iran (for example) to ship oil to China, but to the US.  The only way to solve the problem, since economic pricing will no longer work and since demand will continue to soar (because world population continues to soar, and all world leaders are trying to raise the material standard of living for their peoples) is to decrease demand.  And this means killing people on a massive scale.  The US will come to the conclusion that if India and China are obliterated, then one-third of the world’s population will be removed, and the demand for oil will be substantially decreased.


As usual, the US will not simply and blatantly destroy China and India and other competitors for oil – it will attack them on “trumped-up” charges, such as was done in Iraq.  Christianity and Islam are religions – they do not possess armies.  They do not do the actual fighting.  The actual fighting is done through pawns, such as the United States.  So will the US simply nuke India and China?  Well, they may nuke India and China, but it will not be “simple.”  It is unseemly for the Christian world simply to say that we are going to war to keep all of the oil for ourselves, or for the Moslem world to say that it is going to war because it does not like seeing the West deriving all of the benefit from the oil.  So the ostensible, putative reason for the war will be that the Christians are attempting to destroy Islam (as, e.g., in the case of the Danish cartoons involving Mohammed), and they will use that as the reason for attempting to destroy Christianity.  The Christians will then return the favor.  (By the way, the West will not have to nuke many countries – just the powerful (nuclear-weapon-armed) or highly populated ones.  The less powerful ones – and that is most of the world’s countries – will simply be denied access to any oil by embargo, and their populations will just starve to death.)


The only thing that will change this picture is for the Moslems to realize what is happening – that the West is going to reduce demand by gradually eliminating population in the rest of the world, and that they are always going to remain miserably poor, with the West fueling its high material standard of living with the use of the oil and their leaders becoming fabulously rich from the sale of their birthright oil.  If Moslem leaders could have maintained control of their people, this strategy would have worked until all of the world’s oil was gone (unwisely, world leaders have let the “rabble” have weapons, and anarchy will prevail).  But this scenario is simply a representation of the “politics of greed,” and it is the “politics of envy” that will in fact determine the outcome.  The miserably poor Moslems will have many recruits for terrorism against the West, and they will eventually possess nuclear weapons.  At that time, they must decide whether to use the nuclear bombs on Western cities, or on their own oil wells (which are the source of the West’s oil, and its jugular vein).


If they are irrational, they will use their paltry supply of nuclear bombs to nuke a few Western cities, such as New York, London, Paris, Berlin and Rome.  If the West is prepared for this, it will simply rebuild, as it did in the case of the September 11 attacks, and it will be business as usual.  The wealthy (both the Western industrialists and the Arabs/Islamists selling the oil) will simply become wealthier.  If reason prevails, the terrorist leaders will convince their followers that the only way to destroy the industrial West is to nuke the oil fields, and all other sources of energy (hydroelectric dams such as the Aswan Dam, Hoover Dam, Grand Coulee Dam, Glen Canyon Dam, Itaipu Dam, Akosombo (Lake Volta) Dam, Three Gorges Dam, Kariba Dam; and major coal fields (China, US, Australia)).


The “end game” of the industrial world will happen very quickly.  Oil supplies could last until 2050, at current consumption rates.  But the last great war will not wait until 2050.  People will not sit around and starve to death.  The last great war will start as soon as global oil production starts to decline noticeably.  And that is in a very few years.  By 2012, when the Aztec Calendar ends?  Who knows.


What Are the Islamists Waiting For?


To date, the Islamist terrorists have been playing into the hands of the capitalists that control the world.  Roadside bombs in Iraq, and the destruction of a couple of buildings in New York City, do nothing to bring the West to its knees.  In fact, these limited actions simply generate more economic activity and more wealth for the Western plutocracy, as the soldiers and their vehicles are replaced, as new buildings are rebuilt and as improved military and domestic counterterrorism systems are developed in response to the threat.  I have often puzzled why the terrorists do not attack cruise ships, which are such easy targets, but even that type of attack does nothing to cripple the West, and would simply make wealthy industrialists wealthier (replacing the destroyed ships with other material goods).


The only thing that will destroy the West (before it dies anyway as global oil runs out) is to destroy its sources of energy.  To do this effectively will require the detonation of nuclear weapons on major energy sources – oil fields, coal fields, and hydroelectric dams.  Now that the West, in its desperate bid for an energy replacement for the declining petroleum supplies, has decided to build nuclear reprocessing facilities (and, perhaps, fast-breeder reactors), terrorists will soon have improved access to much plutonium for nuclear bombs.  It is just a matter of time until they have nuclear weapons and are able to destroy the world’s major oil fields.  This situation, in which the problem produces its own solution – sows the seeds of its own destruction, is reminiscent of Marx’s “thesis – antithesis – synthesis” concept.


On December 7, 2005, Ayman al-Zawahri urged his followers to attack oil plants in the Persian Gulf.  He is evidently figuring out that the West’s jugular is its dependence on oil.  But simply destroying oil pipelines and oil fields does nothing to deny the West the use of the remaining oil reserves.  The only thing that will accomplish that is to attack them with “dirty” nuclear bombs, making the sites radioactive for thousands of years.  The effectiveness of doing this is so obvious that I am sure that Islamist terrorists are working on accomplishing it as soon as possible.


The Islamic terrorists have nothing to lose by destroying Islamic oil fields.  Their leaders sell the oil and keep the money for themselves.  It is only the Western Christians and the Moslem leaders who derive benefit from the oil.  The Moslem elite enjoy a fabulous lifestyle from the sale of oil to the West, and the West uses the oil to support a fabulous materialistic lifestyle.  The average Moslem will remain poor, throughout the remainder of the Petroleum Age, no matter how long it lasts.  The politics of envy will drive Islamist terrorists to destroy Islamic oil fields, since it will deny both their own plutocrats and ours the wealth that they crave.


The work ethic of Christianity was a perfect match for economic / capitalist development in the West.  Despite George Bush’s assertions to the contrary, Islam is deeply opposed to Christianity.  Christianity and Islam will be the main protagonists in the global war that will follow the decline in global oil production.  Christianity and Islam are very similar religions – they both stem from Abraham.  But it is said that we reserve our strongest vitriol for our closest allies.


The Mohammed Cartoons


A few months ago, a Danish newspaper published some cartoons including caricatures of the Islamic Prophet Mohammed.  Moslems do not want to see the Prophet caricatured, and there has been quite a response to the cartoons.  Here is a blog from December 13, 2005, posted on http://www.stormfront.org :


Demonstrations in Pakistan have escalated into death threats against Danish illustrators who drew pictures of the prophet Mohammed


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has warned Danish travellers to Pakistan of increased hazard, after a Danish newspaper’s decision to publish cartoons of Muslim prophet Mohammed escalated into a bounty being placed on the heads of the cartoonists.

Daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten published twelve cartoon drawings of Mohammed in September, sparking angry reactions from Denmark’s Muslim population and a number of Muslim countries.

A bounty of DKK 50,000 had been put on the head the cartoonist responsible for the drawings, daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende reported on Friday. The Pakistani group offering the reward mistakenly believes that the 12 cartoons were created by just one person.

Danish Ambassador to Pakistan Bent Wigotski said the bounty had been promised by religious party Jamaat-e-Islami and its youth organisation, which had also demanded Danish representatives expelled from the country.


[End of blog.]


Here follows a Yahoo news article posted on 17 February, 2006, reporting on the levying of a one-million-dollar bounty (fatwah) on the head of the cartoonist, by a Pakistani Moslem cleric.


Cleric: $1 million to Kill Cartoonist, by Riaz Khan


A Pakistani cleric announced Friday a $1 million bounty for killing a cartoonist who drew Prophet Muhammad, as thousands joined street protests and Denmark temporarily closed its embassy and advised its citizens to leave the country.

Police confined the former leader of an Islamic militant group to his home to prevent him from addressing supporters over the cartoons, amid fears he could incite violence, after riots this week killed five people.

Security forces were out in strength, particularly around government offices and Western businesses, as Muslims streamed onto the streets after Friday prayers. More than 200 people were detained, but most gatherings were peaceful.

In neighboring India, police used batons and tear gas to disperse thousands of angry worshippers who rioted in the southern city of Hyderabad. They burned Danish flags, pelted police with stones, and looted shops. Hundreds more protested in Bangladesh.

In the northwestern Pakistan city of Peshawar, prayer leader Mohammed Yousaf Qureshi announced the bounty for killing a cartoonist to about 1,000 people outside the Mohabat Khan mosque.

Qureshi said the mosque and his religious school would give $25,000 and a car, while a local jewelers' association would give another $1 million. No representative of the association was available to confirm it had made the offer.

"This is a unanimous decision by all imams (prayer leaders) of Islam that whoever insults the prophet deserves to be killed and whoever will take this insulting man to his end, will get this prize," Qureshi said.

Qureshi did not name any cartoonist in his announcement. He did not appear aware that 12 different people had drawn the pictures.

A Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, first printed the prophet pictures by 12 cartoonists in September. The newspaper has since apologized to Muslims for the cartoons, one of them showing Muhammad wearing a bomb-shaped turban with an ignited fuse. Other Western newspapers, mostly in Europe, have reprinted the pictures, asserting their news value and the right to freedom of expression.

In Islamabad, former U.S. President Bill Clinton criticized the cartoons but said Muslims wasted an opportunity to build better ties with the West by holding violent protests.

"I can tell you, most people in the United States deeply respect Islam ... and most people in Europe do," he said on a visit to sign an HIV-AIDS project by his foundation.

Denmark announced it had temporarily closed its embassy in Pakistan. It also advised against all travel to Pakistan and urged Danes still in the country to leave.

"We have decided to do so because of the general security situation in the country," Foreign Ministry spokesman Lars Thuesen said.

Denmark has already temporarily closed its embassies in Lebanon, Syria, Iran and Indonesia after anti-Danish protests and threats against staff.

Pakistan, meanwhile, recalled its ambassador to Denmark for "consultations" about the cartoons, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Tasnim Aslam said.

Unrest over the cartoons has spiraled in Pakistan, even as it has ebbed in the rest of Asia and in the Middle East. Big riots in Lahore and Peshawar this week caused millions of dollars in damage, as hundreds of vehicles were burned and protesters targeted numerous U.S. and other foreign-brand businesses, including KFC, McDonald's, Citibank, Holiday Inn and Norwegian cell phone company Telenor.

Intelligence officials have said scores of members of radical and militant Islamic groups, such as Jamaat al-Dawat, joined the unruly protests in Lahore on Tuesday and had incited violence in a bid to undermine President Gen. Pervez Musharraf's government.

On Friday, police confined Jamaat al-Dawat's leader, Hafiz Mohammed Saeed, to his home in Lahore to stop him from addressing supporters in the city of Faisalabad, about 75 miles away, his spokesman Yahya Mujahid said.

Saeed used to lead Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, a militant group closely associated with Jamaat al-Dawat and banned by Musharraf four years ago.

A senior police official in Lahore who confirmed Saeed's detention said the government had ordered police to restrict the movement of all religious leaders who might address rallies and to round up religious activists "who could be any threat to law and order."

The official spoke on condition of anonymity as he wasn't authorized to discuss the matter with media because of its sensitivity.

Police used tear gas and batons in isolated incidents at Friday's protests, but generally they were free of violence. About 7,000 protested in Rawalpindi, 5,000 in the southwestern city of Quetta and 5,000 in Karachi.


[End of Yahoo article.]


The online encyclopedia, Widipedia, has a detailed description of the cartoon controversy.


Very few American newspapers have dared to reprint the cartoons, for fear of reprisals from Moslems.  This reaction shows how low American culture has sunk.  It is not just cowardice that has motivated this response, but a realization that it may cause monetary damage.  Americans do not protest when an image of Christ is soaked in urine, or a crucifix in excrement, or a US flag is burned.  It has been said recently that prohibiting images of the Prophet Mohammed is sacred to Moslems, whereas free speech is sacred to the West.  But Americans are afraid to exercise their free speech by publishing the cartoons, for fear of reprisal.  Americans do not care whether the US flag is burned, or whether images of Christ in urine are displayed, or whether Moslems forbid our exercise of free speech.  All that matters is the money.  As a writer once said, you must stand for something, or you will fall for anything.  All that America stands for, it is evident, is money.


America has lost all respect in the world.  The extreme reaction to the Mohammed cartoons is but a reflection of the frustration of Moslems as they view their poverty relative to the West’s material wealth.  The truly amazing thing about this poverty is that it is their own leaders who own most of the world’s oil.  They are poor in large measure because their leaders keep them poor (another reason is their extremely high birth rates, which make it impossible for the leaders to simply share the wealth evenly).


By selling its soul to Mammon, the US no longer stands on any principle of intrinsic value.  Its youth, brainwashed by a generation of schooling in inclusiveness, tolerance and multiculturalism, can no longer see what is necessary to do to defend their culture and way of life.  If all religions are equal, if all races are equal, if all philosophies are equal, if all nations are equal, then how can you possibly justify going to war – risk your mortal soul – to defend your family, tribe, nation, religion, or culture?


It is interesting to compare the reaction of Russian youth to immigration and the reaction of American youth to immigration.  American youth are simply standing by, watching as their environment, nation, and lifestyle are robbed from them by mass immigration and mass international free trade.  Here follows an example of the response of Russian youth to immigration.


Foreigners live in fear of Russian skinheads, by Oliver Bullough (copyright 2006 Reuters, Yahoo)  Wed Feb 15, 8:16 AM ET


Russia's small Cameroonian community was shocked and saddened, but not surprised, when fellow citizen Kanhem Leon was murdered by racists. They know the danger of violence is ever present.

Simon Samba Samba, the Cameroon Embassy's second secretary, says he always advises new arrivals not to walk around on their own and to avoid places where skinheads hunt foreigners.

"When people came here to study in communist times, it was not like this. But now people are poor and drunk. Maybe they are not happy and they attack our lads on the street," he said.

A series of random racist murders, like that of 28-year-old Leon late last year and other foreign students in Moscow and elsewhere, have forced the issue into the headlines.

Last month, a man shouting "Heil Hitler" wounded eight people in a knife attack on a Moscow synagogue, and attacks on immigrants are so common that they rarely make the press.

President Vladimir Putin has responded by calling racism an "infection" and ordered police to take steps to crush it. But experts say its roots are deep in demoralized post-Soviet society and will not be easy to pull out.

The skinheads, they say, are like a mixture of neo-Nazis and soccer hooligans grafted onto the casual racism that the Soviet Union concealed under its communist rhetoric.

"Our ideology is racism above all. We don't like Tajiks, Armenians, Jews -- we don't like anyone of a different race," said one self-declared skinhead in an interview with Reuters.




The man calls himself Tesak (machete) -- "because I like knives" -- and wears big black boots and a short, padded jacket.

"At the moment in Russia we're not very organized, there is no single leader. We just have groups of five or 10 people who go out to kill Armenians, Chinese, Tajiks," he said.

His group Format 18 -- the numbers one and eight represent the initials of Adolf Hitler -- posts videos of its attacks on its Web site. One clip shows a group of young, muscular men in their uniform of jeans and boots beating a Tajik trader in a market before it ends with the slogan of "White Power."

Most Russians strongly disapprove of such assaults, but opinion polls suggest passive racism is widespread.

Foreign visitors to Russia are often shocked by casual racist language and behavior that has long been taboo in their own societies.

Late last year, polling firm Levada Center said 53 percent of 1,600 respondents supported the phrase "Russia for the Russians," while the numbers supporting a limit on immigration were markedly higher than the year before.

Some political groups have flirted with racism, and the Rodina (Motherland) party was barred from Moscow elections last year for a campaign advertisement that said "let's clean the city of rubbish" over pictures of immigrants from the Caucasus.

A demonstration organized by the Movement Against Illegal Immigration (DPNI) in November saw around 5,000 marching under banners of "Russia for the Russians" and "Russia, forwards."

Protests arranged by pro-Western liberals would be lucky to attract a tenth of that number.

"We have lived here for thousands of years, and why should we share what is ours with people who have only just arrived," said DPNI spokesman Alexander Belov.

"White migration has always brought progress, but you can not call what is happening now progress -- millions of immigrants from Tajikistan or China who have never even held electric tools do not bring progress."




There are no precise figures for the level of immigration into Russia. But millions of people from the impoverished ex-Soviet states have moved here in search of work.

Tajiks, Uzbeks, Armenians and Azeris are often highly visible since they work as taxi drivers or in markets.

Many young Africans and Asians come to study in Russian universities, which offer a high-quality education relatively cheaply. Moscow was a major center for students from the developing world during communist years, when the Soviet Union used free education to win friends and influence.

Economists say immigration is necessary to offset the decline in Russia's population, which is falling by around 750,000 a year, but experts say there is no sign ethnic Russians are getting any happier about it.

Tesak's shaved head and clothes makes him look like an extremist on society's fringe, but he is a qualified engineer and not as easily sidelined as drunken soccer hooligans.

"Tesak is the future of the skinhead movement. He is clever and confident, he doesn't take drugs or drink. You can only kill him, you can never make him abandon his ideas," said Sergei Belikov, a lawyer who works with skinheads and has written three books on the phenomenon.

"This is becoming a middle class movement ... It has become a national idea when nothing else is left. Teachers have become market traders, doctors have become bums, but they can all say at least they are white and European."

Parliament promises new laws that would, among other things, make Web sites like Tesak's illegal. But Cameroon's Samba Samba said there was a lack of will to really crack down.

"We do not think the government is doing enough. If someone is killed, the culprit must be found and convicted ... they have still not found (Leon's) killers and this is sad. If they wanted to find them, they could do it in two days," he said.

Until more of an effort is made, Belikov said even the precautions Cameroon urges on its citizens are not enough.

"Basically, I would advise Africans and Asians not to come to Russia, there is nothing good for them here," he said.


[End of Yahoo article.]


Russia can support 44 million people on solar energy, at a low level of living (and 44 thousand at a high level of living).  Its current population is 142 million.  If Russia holds firm to its culture, and forbids immigration, its population will shrink by about 750 thousand per year.  Russia has a chance to transform to the solar-energy world, without a major die-off of its population.  Because of mass immigration to the US in the past half century, America no longer has that option (current population 298 million, solar-energy population 63 million at a low level of living, 63 thousand at a high level of living).  Is it possible that Russia will be the leader of the post-industrial world, after the collapse of global industrial society?


The contrast between the response of Russian youth to mass immigration in Russia and the response of American youth to mass immigration in the USA is striking.  The Russian youths are killing the immigrants, whereas the response of American youths ranges from toleration to acceptance to welcoming.  The response of a society’s youth to an invasion or invasion threat reflects the attitudes of their parents.  America allowed mass immigration from many diverse cultures so fast that assimilation into a common culture has not happened; it is now a mongrel nation without a common culture.  It is a permissive, inclusive, tolerant, welcoming, multicultural, radically heterogeneous society.  It is no longer a people.  It has been invaded by tens of millions of alien-culture foreigners, and yet it does nothing to defend itself.  The Russian nation is still a people, and it is acting like one.  The Germans, the Israelis, the Japanese and the Chinese are also strong cultures, and their response to invasion is immediate and violent.  Those cultures will last.  The American cultural mélange has no glue holding it together.  It will fall apart as soon as the US no longer has access to massive amounts of energy, so that the quality of life is reasonably good for everyone.