Miscellany 42: US Hypocrisy in Kosovo; Only Whites Can Be Racist; The Kennedys Endorse Obama; Fishing in Sierra Leone; Observing Presidents’ Day; Weaving a Flaw into a Rug; America Favors Illegal Immigrants over Its Own Citizens; Sharing Rooms on Business Trips; Euphemisms; The US Government Caused the Mortgage Crisis; Organized Religion Serves the State; The Advantage of Speaking English; Whatever Happened to Paul Wolfowitz?; If We Leave Iraq It Will Be a Disaster; The US Government Wages War on the Middle Class; US Presidential Candidates Are Duplicitous Dissimulators; Roger Milliken Knows the Score; The US Government is Systematically Destroying the US Middle Class; Life Is Like a Football Game; The Yellow Sun; Security at US Embassies; Mass Deportation Now!; All Immigration Is Destroying the US, Not Just Illegal Immigration; A Tale of Two Countries: The United States and Russia; Eugenics: US Illuminati Working to Improve US Gene Pool; Hitler’s Consternation; Star Wars; Building Temporary Homes for a Temporary Society; Radical Egalitarianism: Alive and Well In US Schools; Ralph Nader for President; Sleepless in Monrovia; Masdar, the Green City


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US Hypocrisy in Kosovo. 2

Only Whites Can Be Racist 2

The Kennedys Endorse Obama. 2

Fishing in Sierra Leone. 3

Observing Presidents’ Day. 3

Weaving a Flaw into a Rug. 4

America Favors Illegal Immigrants over Its Own Citizens. 5

Sharing Rooms on Business Trips. 5

Euphemisms. 5

The US Government Caused the Mortgage Crisis. 5

Organized Religion Serves the State. 6

The Advantage of Speaking English. 6

Whatever Happened to Paul Wolfowitz?. 6

If We Leave Iraq, It Will Be a Disaster?. 7

The US Government Wages War on the US Middle Class. 7

US Presidential Candidates Are Duplicitous Dissimulators. 7

Roger Milliken Knows the Score. 10

The US Government Is Systematically Destroying the US Middle Class. 10

Life Is Like a Football Game. 11

The Yellow Sun. 11

Security at US Embassies. 12

Mass Deportation Now! 12

All Immigration Is Destroying the US, Not Just Illegal Immigration. 12

A Tale of Two Countries: The United States and Russia. 13

Eugenics: US Illuminati Working to Improve US Gene Pool 14

Hitler’s Consternation. 15

Star Wars. 15

Building Temporary Homes for a Temporary Society. 15

Radical Egalitarianism: Alive and Well In US Schools. 16

Ralph Nader for President 16

Sleepless in Monrovia. 17

Masdar, the Green City. 18


US Hypocrisy in Kosovo


On Sunday, February 17, 2008, the Serbian province of Kosovo issued a unilateral declaration of independence.  This declaration was opposed by Serbia, which has long-standing historical and cultural claims to this territory.  The declaration was supported by the United States, which immediately (the very next day, which was in fact a national holiday (Presidents’ Day)) extended political recognition to the breakaway province.


What hypocrisy!  The US is quite generous in support of the principle of self-determination of peoples, as long as it doesn’t apply to itself.  My home state, South Carolina, attempted to secede from the Union in 1861, and the US government waged a bloody four-year war, costing a million lives, to prevent this.


Only Whites Can Be Racist


The US government goes to great lengths to suppress white racism, such as in the case of its successful efforts to destroy the white government of the Republic of South Africa.  It turns a blind eye, however, to non-white racism.  This Thursday, February 21, 2008, President George W. Bush pays a state visit to Liberia, where I am currently working.  Under the Liberian Constitution, no white person born in Liberia is entitled to Liberian citizenship.  I wonder what Mr. Bush will have to say about that.


The Kennedys Endorse Obama


A few weeks ago, Senator Ted Kennedy and his niece Caroline endorsed Senator Barack Obama as their candidate of choice for nominee of the Democratic Party in this year’s contest for the US presidency.


As principal sponsor of the Immigration Act of 1965, Senator Kennedy has done more than any other single person to destroy the US.  This Act marked the beginning of the current era of massive immigration from all cultures to the US.  In 1965, US population was 190 million people.  By 1972, the US had achieved the so-called “demographic transition,” in which the national birth rate had fallen (for both whites and blacks) to replacement level (two children per woman in her lifetime).  The population in 1972 was 210 million people.  Since 1965, almost solely because of mass immigration, the US population has exploded to over 300 million, and it continues to grow by about three million every year, all from immigrants and their progeny.  On average, every immigrant to the US results in the destruction of an acre of natural land, owing to conversion to infrastructure (roads, homes, schools, hospitals, stores, office buildings, parking lots and the like).  This works out to the destruction of one hundred million acres of natural land since passage of the Act.  Massive immigration to the US has resulted in the destruction of natural beauty on a grand scale.  When the Act was passed, it was an easy matter to camp in national and state forests, in peace.  Now, crowds are everywhere.  It may take a year to get a camping permit in a national park, and it now costs thousands of dollars to ride down a wild river.


Mass immigration has resulted not only in the destruction of natural land on a massive scale, but on the destruction of US culture and quality of life for the US middle class.  An immigrant to the US from a poor country consumes up to ten times as much commercial energy as he did in his home country.  Mass immigration to the US from poor countries hence causes the burning of much more fossil fuel, and contributes tremendously to atmospheric pollution and global warming.  The US would consume about half as much energy today, had the Act not been passed and the population remained stable or declined.  Senator Kennedy is a traitor to US culture and the US middle class.  Massive immigration serves only the wealthy elite.  It destroys the land and culture and quality of life for everyone else.  Senator Kennedy is quite willing to destroy US environment, culture and the middle class to make the rich richer.  His endorsement of anyone should be viewed as an indictment of that person.


Caroline who?  Why would the media comment on the endorsement of a person who, from the viewpoint of national politics, is a non-entity?


Fishing in Sierra Leone


On CNN a few days ago was a report on the current situation in Sierra Leone.  A fisherman was interviewed and asked about his situation.  He said that because of industrial-scale fishing by large boats from other countries, it now took him 2-3 days to catch the same amount of fish that he used to catch in three hours.


Massive human population and industrialization destroy the natural world.  When I was a boy, the Grand Banks off Canada was one of the great fishing areas of the world.  It totally collapsed from overfishing and never recovered.  The Cascapedia River, where my mother was born, was one of the great salmon fishing rivers in the world.  As part of their breeding cycle, salmon leave the river and travel far into the ocean.  Large Japanese commercial ships stood offshore and caught virtually all of the salmon.  The Japanese destroyed the Cascapedia River as a major salmon fishing site.


Local fishermen around the world have seen large commercial fishing boats fish out their waters and destroy their livelihoods and way of life.  Their governments lie idly by and cry crocodile tears, preferring to make more money in the short term from commercial fishing.  They don’t care that their local fishermen lose their incomes or way of life.  They do not care about nature.  All they care about is the money.  They have sold their people’s livelihood and culture and natural resources for a few pieces of silver.


Observing Presidents’ Day


Yesterday, February 18, 2008, was Presidents’ Day.  We used to have two President’s Days – Washington’s Birthday and Lincoln’s Birthday.  In the rush to honor Martin Luther King with a day of his own, both of the President’s Days were collapsed into one, and the names of the individual honorees were dropped.


How the US can replace honoring President George Washington, the “father” of the country, with King, defies explanation.  King was a pastor.  He was also a satyr, a lecher, a rake.  While many political leaders are moral reprobates, they have not taken vows to uphold high moral principles, and they rarely preach on the subject.  As a man of the cloth, however, King’s moral turpitude was in direct opposition to his profession.  His life was a lie.  His private life betrayed his public life.  King was a hypocrite, a traitor to his professed principles.  It was not a careless single fling or a mistress that we are talking about here, but an endless string of blatant one-night-stands and infidelities.  No one forced King to become a pastor.  He chose that profession, and then chose to betray it and disgrace himself.


It is a sign of the depths to which the US has fallen, and of how far removed it has become from its founding principles and culture, that it would choose to honor a repeated liar and cheat over the founding father of the country, and replace Washington’s Birthday with Martin Luther King Day.


With respect to sexual transgressions, US society maintains a double standard.  Had a well-known white pastor committed Kings adulteries, he would have been disgraced and drummed out of his church.  But King receives adulation instead of condemnation.  As a culture, blacks will never be held in high regard when they revere immoral men like King and Marion Berry.  It is certainly reasonable to judge a group by the men it honors.  For blacks to honor King depreciates their race.  For Americans to honor King in place of Washington shows how far the country’s moral values have declined and its culture changed.


Weaving a Flaw into a Rug


When I lived in Egypt, my wife and I visited a rug factory.  It was very interesting to see how much time, effort and skill are required to make an oriental (“Persian”) rug.  The weavers are young girls, about age eleven.


I was told that a flaw is deliberately woven into every rug, so that it cannot possibly be represented as “perfect.”  This practice reflects the view that only God can create perfect things, and it would be presumptuous of man to represent that he had created something perfect.


This is really an absurd view.  Deliberately weaving a flaw into a rug to avoid its perfection is tantamount to admitting that it is in fact possible for man to make a perfect rug.  So the practice, which purports to assert that only God can create perfection, is in fact a denial of the very thing it purports to assert.  The practice of weaving deliberate flaws into rugs should be viewed as extreme hubris, not extreme humility.  It is laughable in its contradiction.


There are many things in the physical universe that are in fact perfect, and can be implemented by man.  If you add one and one together, the result is two.  Exactly and perfectly.  If you define perfection in a rug as a rug that has each knot made in the same manner, then perfection is easily achieved, even by a machine.



America Favors Illegal Immigrants over Its Own Citizens


If a US citizen assaults a federal government agent, he will go to jail for five years.  If an illegal alien does so, he is simply deported.  US citizens are required to pay for health care services that illegal aliens receive free of charge at hospital emergency rooms.  Some states grant “in-state” tuition to illegal aliens, while denying this privilege to US citizens from other states.  A US prosecutor in Texas chose to grant immunity from prosecution to an illegal-alien drug smuggler, rather than to two US Border Patrol agents (Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, who are now serving sentences of over ten years in prison).  In many parts of the country, policemen are told not to arrest suspected illegal aliens for their crime (of illegal entry), but to only arrest US citizens or illegal aliens suspected of high crimes.


The US government has declared war on its own middle class.  In medicine, growths that consume the body are referred to as cancer.  The US government has become a cancer on US society.  It has abandoned the founders’ principles of “government of, by and for the people.”  It exists only to promote the welfare of the wealthy elite, not to protect the welfare of the people.  The US government has betrayed the country’s people and its founding principles, and it will not long endure.


Sharing Rooms on Business Trips


When I was a young man, it was standard practice, even among leading firms, for businessmen traveling together to share hotel rooms.  This was in the 1960s, when there were very few professional women.  As the proportion of women grew to the “tipping point,” all of a sudden the policy was changed so that every person had his own hotel room.




In this age of political correctness, it seems that there is now a euphemism for everything that might be viewed as common, ordinary, menial, lower-class or inferior.  Porters at airports are now “skycaps.”  Students and teachers are now called “learners.”  Servants are now called maids, butlers, cooks and gardeners.


My wife and I recently took a cruise from Charleston to Bermuda.  Every room on the ship was a “stateroom.”  Heaven forbid that someone would have to bear the indignity of staying in a cabin, or berth.  There were no “second class” cabins – you could only be “upgraded” to a superior class.


The US Government Caused the Mortgage Crisis


The US government abandoned its responsibility to regulate financial markets recently, and encouraged people to purchase homes for no down payment.  The purpose of a down payment, of course, is to prevent the sale of homes to people who cannot afford them.  When I was young, commercial real estate loans required a 20 percent down payment and government-insured loans required a down payment of about 4-5 percent.


It was just a matter of time until the foolish practice of no-down-payments to unqualified persons ended in catastrophe, which we are now seeing in the collapse of the mortgage market and housing market.  The government caused this problem.  It abrogated its responsibility to regulate financial markets.  It did so to generate more wealth for homebuilders.  Now that large numbers of loans are in default, the government is taking actions to protect the lenders, not the borrowers.  In fact, it recently passed legislation making it much more difficult for individuals to declare bankruptcy.


Once again, the US government has sided with the interests of the wealthy, and deserted the middle class.


Organized Religion Serves the State


Since the dawn of civilization, the primary purpose of organized religion has been to justify theologically the authority and dominion of rulers over the ruled (“divine right of kings”).


For many years, the US government has adopted a policy of massive international free trade, massive immigration, and open borders.  Those policies are directly aimed at destroying the US middle class.  The US government actively encourages illegal immigration, not only by refusing to secure the border and refusing to deport illegal aliens, but by offering them free social, educational and health services and making every effort to grant them a “path to citizenship,” despite the strong disapproval of the electorate.


In recent months, the Catholic Church has promoted amnesty for illegal aliens, and the granting of sanctuary for them.  It has clearly aligned itself with government in aiding and abetting the alien invasion.  The US government is guilty of high treason in not repelling the alien invasion – under the US Constitution, the president takes a vow to protect the country from invasion.  The Church and the US government have joined forces in waging war on the US middle class.


The US is in fact a fascist dictatorship – a highly nationalistic country in which the interests of the government parallel those of business.  It has a strong ally in the Church, in the repression of the middle class.


The Advantage of Speaking English


A business associate of mine is originally from Sri Lanka.  When she left Sri Lanka to come to the US, the person sitting on the airplane seat next to her was a young woman about her age.  My friend speaks fluent English, and she now has a very well paying job as a professional person in the United States.  Her seat-mate, who spoke no English, was headed for a job as a maid in a middle-eastern country.


Whatever Happened to Paul Wolfowitz?


Paul Wolfowitz was until last year the head of the World Bank.  He arranged for his girlfriend to obtain a very high paying job at the World Bank, and he was therefore fired (“forced to resign”).  I heard on the news recently that he is to be named head of the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency.  Can this be true?  The average US citizen goes to jail for crimes involving hundreds of thousands of dollars.  But Mr. Wolfowitz is rewarded with another high-profile job in our government.


Lewis “Scooter” Libby was convicted of high crimes against the state, and President George Bush pardoned him (and the wealthy elite paid his fine).  Sandy Berger stole classified documents with impunity.  Our government looks after its own.


If We Leave Iraq, It Will Be a Disaster?


You often hear the statement that if we stop the war in Iraq before winning, “it will be a disaster.”  It is already a disaster.  Things are far worse after five years of US domination than under former dictator Saddam Hussein.  Iraqi citizens are being slaughtered in scores every week.  Our reconstruction projects (electricity, water, sewers) are considered failures.


We invaded Iraq for the oil.  We do not have the oil, and the war is costing us hundreds of billions of dollars each year.  We could easily win the war in Iraq, but choose not to do so (see my article, “How to Win the War in Iraq” for discussion).  Many people question why we fight on.  The reason is easy to see.  The war, paid for by the US taxpaying middle class, funnels billions of dollars from the middle class taxpayer to the wealthy arms merchants.  The reason for any government action is always the same: It’s the money, stupid.  The government serves the wealthy elite.


The US Government Wages War on the US Middle Class


The US government has declared war on the US middle class.  With its policies of massive international free trade, mass immigration and open borders, it places its middle class in direct competition with workers in poor countries making a few dollars a day.  Why does it do this?  Why does it adopt policies that are destroying the middle class?  For the money.  For the wealthy elite.


By its policies, the US government has destroyed the land, the environment, US culture, and the quality of life for the middle class.  It continues to wage a costly war, refusing to achieve an easy victory, simply to make the rich richer and drive the taxpaying middle class into poverty.  Taxes are high.  Inflation is very high.  Real earnings of citizens are shrinking in the US while the government grants good jobs and citizenship to aliens.  Foreign doctors who practice in the US are paid millions of dollars from government medical programs, all at the expense of the US taxpayer.  These people are paid thousands of times what they would receive in their home countries, because of US policies that have driven medical costs sky-high.  The government has betrayed the middle class.  It is bent on destroying it.


US Presidential Candidates Are Duplicitous Dissimulators


Hillary Clinton, an aspirant to the US presidency, claims that she is in favor of “universal health care.”  This is a complete lie.  She is in favor of universal health insurance, not universal health care.  She wants to force everyone to purchase health insurance, in order to pay for the costs of medical care – costs that have been obscenely bloated by decades of government policies aimed at generating massive incomes and wealth for the medical establishment.  US health care costs are the highest in the world, and the extent of coverage is the worst in the developed world.  Clinton’s policy is oriented solely to serve the wealthy elite – the doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies.  She has no concern for the health care of the average citizen.  If she cared about providing universal health care to people, she would be proposing a larger US Public Health Service, with neighborhood clinics offering free basic medical care.  Instead she offers to tax our people more, and provide even higher levels of income to the health care industry.  She wants to keep medical costs propped up at obscene levels, and force everyone to pay these bloated costs.  She wants simply to transfer money and taxes from the middle class to the rich.  She serves only the wealthy elite.


Barack Obama calls for “change,” but he never says what he will change.  That is because he will not change anything, except who occupies the White House.  (On February 20, John McCain made an interesting statement: “I will fight every moment of every day in this campaign to make sure that Americans are not deceived by an eloquent but empty call for change.”)  As soon as Obama started emphasizing change – and God knows we need change! – the other contenders chimed in.  Under any of the three leading presidential contenders – John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama – there will be no fundamental change at all.  They all serve the wealthy elite.  They will continue the same corrupt government that we have now.  They will continue the government’s policies of massive international free trade, massive immigration and open borders, without change.  They will continue to wage war on the US middle class.  They will continue to serve the wealthy elite.  They will continue to commit treason by refusing to repel the alien invasion.  They will continue to destroy America.


All the candidates want is a change of the leadership in Washington from Bush and his cronies to them and their cronies.  They do not want to change anything that will slow the generation of wealth for their Illuminati masters.  If the candidates were for meaningful change, they would propose things that would slow and eventually stop the global destruction of the environment and global warming.  They would take steps to decrease human population and human energy consumption.  They would take steps to bring an immediate halt to deforestation, the destruction of 30,000 species per year, and global warming.  They would take steps to stop the war on the middle class, stop the population explosion that is destroying the nation and the planet, and restore the quality of life for the middle class to what it used to be a half-century ago.  They never address such issues.


Here follows a list, off the top of my head, of some significant changes that the candidates might suggest, if they were sincere and serious about change that would make a difference in people’s lives and the long-term survival of the human race and the biosphere.  Most of these suggestions relate solely to improving quality of life for the US middle class, protecting the biosphere, and enhancing the long-term survival of the human and other species.  None are motivated by morality concerns.


  1. Immediate termination of the policy of growth-based economics, and embracing of Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen’s entropy-based economic concepts.
  2. Military action to bring an immediate halt to deforestation, worldwide.  This would mean, among other things, war on Brazil.
  3. Immediate winning of the war in Iraq (see my article “How to Win the War in Iraq” for alternatives).
  4. Closing of the US borders, except as required for national defense and planetary management.
  5. Immediate mass deportation of all illegal aliens (can be implemented in a few weeks making invasion of the US a crime punishable by concentration camp or capital punishment).
  6. Deportation of all persons who became citizens under the Immigration Act of 1965 and their progeny.
  7. Termination of birthright citizenship for aliens.
  8. Universal health care, implemented through universal provision of basic health care in neighborhood health clinics.
  9. Elimination of public-school bussing – all public schools within a child’s walking distance.
  10. Elimination of prison sentences of over one year.  Replace most jail or prison sentences with immediate public shaming (stocks, pillories, caning, menial public service).  Replace all prison sentences of over one year with banishment.  Immediate release or banishment (depending on level of threat to society) of all current prisoners.
  11. Elimination of all foreign trade, except as required for national defense and planetary management.  This includes food – no food imports, no food exports.
  12. Zero immigration, except as required for national defense.
  13. National draft of all citizens aged 18, for two years of national service.
  14. Razing of all housing developments built on arable land.
  15. Destruction of all structures built in flood plains or places of exceptional natural beauty or wild-animal resources.
  16. Termination of battery (industrial) production of animals and plantation production of trees.  Termination of harvesting of wildlife for human food.  Termination of factory fishing.
  17. Elimination of private cars.  (With a stable population, mass transportation works very well.)  Replacement of internal-combustion cars with electric cars.
  18. English only (not just “official” English only, but English only, period).
  19. Free health, education and social services for all citizens.  Quarantine for all dangerous diseases, such as HIV.  Termination of organ transplants, which are cannibalism.  Termination of abortions.  Termination of heroic measures to prolong life.
  20. Rapid implementation of the goal of moving US population to the level that can be supported by solar energy (not over 63 million people at a low level of living).
  21. Abolishment of the income tax for 99 percent of the people (as was the original concept when the income tax was introduced in 1913).
  22. Drafting of articles of impeachment or against all living presidents and ex-presidents, on charges of treason for aiding and abetting illegal immigration (under the US Constitution, the US president takes a vow to protect the country from invasion).
  23. See http://www.foundationwebsite.org/Platform.htm for other suggestions, and http://www.foundationwebsite.org/PositionStatement.htm for some political philosophy.


The preceding suggestions for change may seem draconian, or radical, or reactionary, or extreme, or communist, but they (or more extreme but similar changes) will all come to pass in any event within a few years, as Hubbert’s Peak passes (i.e., global production of petroleum begins to decline).  The issue for most of the changes listed above is not whether they will occur, but whether they will be rationally planned and graceful or uncontrolled and catastrophic.


Are the current selection of candidates willing to implement any of the preceding changes, or any other significant change that might improve the quality of life for the US middle class?  Are they willing to take any effective steps to halt the destruction of the biosphere?  No.  They crave only money, power and forbidden sex.  As Plato predicted for the leaders of all democracies, they pander to the populace, promising it anything that they think it wants to hear.  They are not “guardians” or moral leaders.  They pander to the masses while the planet is destroyed.  They serve the wealthy elite.  They serve the Illuminati who are bent on the destruction of the planet through global industrialization.  They serve themselves.  They are working hard to bring about the total destruction of the biosphere and the end of mankind.  They work for the agony and “gnashing of teeth” that feeds the ravenous and insatiable appetites of the evil.


Roger Milliken Knows the Score


On a road leading to my home is an industrial building with the name “Gibbs” on it.  I asked someone once what does “Gibbs” make.  Facetiously, he responded, “money,” and then he went on to explain that Mr. Gibbs has made a fortune by selling the equipment from closed US manufacturing companies, such as textile mills, to foreign firms.


My friend mentioned that whenever Roger Milliken (the industrialist, who lives in my home town of Spartanburg) is forced to close a plant because of foreign competition, he has every single machine destroyed.  He is not about to let foreigners use American machinery to compete against US labor.  Mr. Milliken is a true patriot.


The US standard of living was once the highest in the world, because we protected our workers from having to compete with workers in poor countries who earned pennies a day.  We could have continued having a high quality of life for our middle class, simply by imposing tariffs to offset that promote slave wages and environmental destruction as means of achieving a competitive advantage.  Instead, the US government has adopted policies that maximize trade and benefit the rich, while destroying the quality of life for its middle class.  These policies are destroying the US middle class and turning the US into a third-world country.  In just a few decades under these policies, US population has almost doubled, the environment has been ravaged, and most families have been forced to have both parents work in the competitive labor market.


Why does the US middle class allow its own destruction at the hands of its greedy, venal government?  How long will it endure before it says, “no more,” “no longer”?


The US Government Is Systematically Destroying the US Middle Class


The US Government operates a guest-worker program – the HIB visa program – to offer high-tech jobs to foreigners.  The US government refuses to impose tariffs to offset the low wages in countries that pay their workers little and refuse to pay for environmental protection.  The US government allows mass illegal immigration, which depresses wages of US citizens and robs many of their livelihood.  The US government has allowed the loss of its manufacturing base to other countries, leaving little for its own people to do.  The US government allows – in fact encourages – foreigners to send remittances back to their home countries.  The US government aids and abets the alien invasion, which destroys US land, robs the poor of their livelihoods, and contributes to global warming (since immigrants consume far more energy and fossil fuels in the US than in their home countries).  The US jails its own citizens while granting immunity to illegal-alien drug smugglers.  The US government offers free social, economic and health services to illegal aliens – services paid for by taxes on the oppressed US middle class.  The US government has allowed the destruction of US manufacturing by one-sided trade policies and practices.  The US government would sell our port operations to foreign governments.  The US government allows selling of infrastructure – paid for by taxes from the US middle class – such as highways, to foreign firms.  The US government allows Mexican truckers free use of highways that have been bought and paid for by taxes on US citizens.  The US government allows foreigners to buy US land and other assets.  The US government wages a high-cost war in Iraq that must be paid for by the US middle class, through crushing taxes and high inflation.  It refuses to press for an easy victory, in order to funnel massive amounts of money to arms dealers.  The US now taxes Americans so heavily that both parents in a family now have to work in the competitive labor market, simply to make ends meet.  Because of a complete failure of the government to protect privacy, identity theft is now rampant.  The government does nothing about this, because the economic activity required to repair this damage improves the gross national product, makes the rich richer, and significantly hurts only the middle class.


For a society to be healthy and survive, it must have meaningful employment for most of its citizens.  Through its policies, the US government has destroyed most of its manufacturing capacity.  In today’s world, it cannot exist solely as a service economy.  Most people cannot be rocket scientists, and many people are not suited to work in the service sector.  The US cannot exist simply by having its citizens take in each other’s washing.


The US government has turned against the US middle class.  Its policies, designed to produce more wealth for the rich, are destroying the environment, the culture that made the country great, and the quality of life for the middle class.  The US government is in the process of destroying its middle class.  The US government no longer holds to the founding principles that made the country great.  The US government – the ruling class – is a cancer that is destroying the country.


Life Is Like a Football Game


Life is like a football game.  Within the game, the action and score are important.  When the game is over, they are of no significance.


The Yellow Sun


A few years ago, I had the lenses of my eyes replaced, because of cataracts.  I was amazed to see, after the operation, that the sun was no longer yellow – it was bright white.


When we are young children, the sun is white.  Pure white.  As we age, our lenses become yellow, and the sun looks yellow.  It is painted yellow in paintings, and the sun’s color is called yellow.


Things are not always as they seem.



Security at US Embassies


The security measures outside US embassies are really something to behold.  Barricades and barriers, high walls, tire spikes, razor wire.


If I were in charge, I would eliminate all of this, and turn embassies into normal buildings such as most foreign embassies are in Washington, DC.  Protection of foreign embassies is the responsibility of the host country.  If any country failed to prevent attacks on our embassy, I would simply remove our presence from that country.


Mass Deportation Now!


You often hear the president and other US government leaders say that mass deportation of illegal aliens is not a realistic option.  What a lie!  It most certainly is!  All illegal aliens could easily be deported within a few weeks.  All that is required is to punish this crime with severe penalties, such as hard labor in concentration camps, or execution.  The US does not take effective steps to prevent invasion by aliens or to deport the 12-20 million who are here because is has not will to do so.  It has simple, practical, low-cost options available to do so very quickly, if it so desired.  It does not desire to do so, because the massive population of illegal aliens makes the rich richer.  The wealthy elite who control the US want these people here, and their US puppet government is not about to do anything to get rid of them.  It is not going to do anything that would threaten the continuation of explosive population growth, since that is what the wealthy want. 


Any nation that refuses to protect its borders, and defend its citizens from invasion, has abrogated the right to govern.  In aiding and abetting the alien invasion, the US government is guilty of high treason.   It will not last long.


All Immigration Is Destroying the US, Not Just Illegal Immigration


You often hear people on television claim, sanctimoniously, that they are not against immigration, just against illegal immigration (Lou Dobbs, are you reading this?).  It is population growth from any source that is destroying the country, and immigration (immigrants and their progeny) is the single reason for population growth in the US for the past several decades.  On average, each immigrant to the United States is the direct cause of the destruction of one acre of natural land, caused by conversion of the land to infrastructure required by the additional population.  Immigrants from poor countries use up to then times as much commercial energy as they did in their home countries; the burning of fossil fuels to provide this energy contributes greatly to atmospheric pollution and global warming.  Each year, illegal-alien immigrants kill more US citizens than American soldiers are killed in the war in Iraq.  Mass immigration (legal or illegal), without assimilation, is resulting in the destruction of US culture.  That is the culture that founded and nurtured this great nation; most immigrants are from corrupt or feckless cultures that left them to rot in poverty and desperation – the very cultures that they are bringing to the US and that are now overwhelming traditional US culture.


By 1972, birth rates in the US had fallen to replacement levels for both whites and blacks.  The country’s population had stabilized.  With a stable or reducing population, we could turn to concentrating on improving the environment and the quality of life for all Americans, and establishing a long-term sustainable society.  The only problem with this is that it does not generate as much wealth for the rich as a growth-based economy.  So instead of opting for a stable society, the US embarked on a program of rapid population growth.  As a direct result of the Immigration Act of 1965, the country’s population has exploded, and continues to grow at about one percent per year.  Environmental destruction is increasing.  National parks are flooded with people.  Open land is nonexistent in most parts of the country.  Beautiful natural properties are available now only to the wealthy.


We were essentially self-sufficient in 1965, and could be today, but instead we now import forty percent of our food.  Virtually none of this imported food is inspected, and our citizens are routinely poisoned with bad food from Communist China and other countries (e.g., contaminated fish, poisoned pet food).  Most of our toys are now produced in Communist China, many using toxic lead paint.  This did not have to happen.  We were in the enviable position of having a stable population and a modest population density.  We had accomplished the “demographic transition” that many peoples dream of.  The insatiable greed of America’s wealthy elite could never be satisfied with a stable country.  They cried out for more, lying that free trade would benefit everyone, pandering to the greed of the masses.  Their thrall, the US government, has destroyed the country’s environment, its culture and the quality of life for the middle class, solely to generate more wealth for their insatiable appetites.


A Tale of Two Countries: The United States and Russia


Russia’s population is shrinking.  Ours is exploding.  Russia represents the future.  We represent the past.  Russia is moving toward a population that can be supported solely on solar energy.  We are moving farther and farther from that situation.


The nations of the world have two choices – move gracefully to a population level that can be supported by solar energy, as Russia is now doing, or maintain the population at a level far above that, in which case it will eventually collapse catastrophically.  Russia (and a few other countries, almost all in the North) is following the former path; the US the latter.  It did not have to end this way.  We had a stable population in 1965, and we threw it away.  That year was the turning point in US history, and marks the beginning of the end for the United States.


The US has made no efforts to prepare for life in a recurrent-solar-energy-based world.  At a low level of living, recurrent solar energy can support about 63 million people in the US; at a high level of living, recurrent solar energy can support about one-tenth this number, or 630 thousand.  The current (2008) population of the United States is 304 million, and it is increasing by about three million per year (from immigration).  That is about five to fifty times as many as can be supported by recurrent solar energy, and the situation is getting worse every year.  It is interesting to compare the situation for the US to that for Russia.  Although Russia has a larger land area than the US, it has less arable land.  At a low level of living, solar energy can support about 44 million people in Russia, and at a high level of living it can support about 440 thousand people.  The current population of Russia is 142 million people, and it is declining by about one-half million per year.  This is about three to thirty times what solar energy can support, but at least Russia is headed in the right direction (i.e., its population is declining to a recurrent-solar-energy-based level).  As the world reverts to solar energy, the US population faces catastrophic collapse.  For more on this, see http://www.foundationwebsite.org/PopProfileAllCountries.txt, http://www.foundationwebsite.org/DESTINYReadme.txt http://www.foundationwebsite.org/DestCapINTL.htm http://www.foundationwebsite.org/DestUserManINTL.htm   and http://www.foundationwebsite.org/Destiny2005.zip (the DESTINY program -- a large file (24 megabytes; requires Microsoft Access 2002 to run).


Eugenics: US Illuminati Working to Improve US Gene Pool


By 1965, US population growth had stabilized.  As this happened, the US Illuminati realized that the best individuals on the planet would be migrating to other countries, improving those countries’ gene pools relative to our own.  To prevent a deterioration of the US gene pool, the US Illuminati, represented most prominently by Senator Ted Kennedy and the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, changed US immigration policy (under the Immigration Act of 1965) to allow the flooding of the country with immigrants from all cultures on the planet.  Some individuals, such as North Carolina’s Senator Sam Ervin, asserted that this change would destroy US culture, and history has proved them right.  The country no longer represents the founders’ principles of government of, by and for the people.  The country now exists only to serve the wealthy elite.  The gap in income and wealth between the wealthy and the rest of the country is growing.  From a political and cultural perspective, the US has now joined the ranks of the third world.  This was accomplished by the Immigration Act of 1965 and the government’s policy of mass immigration and open borders.


Machiavelli asserted long ago that there were just three ways to administer a conquered people: annihilate them; set up a puppet government of powerful local people; and overwhelm them with your own population, as the Communist Chinese are now doing in Tibet.  As did China, the US Illuminati chose the third option – overwhelming the US population by flooding it with peoples from other cultures – as its means of destroying US culture and the US middle class.  The transformation of the US to a third-world country is well under way.


Closed populations eventually decay.  Even the smallest band of human beings and other animals knows instinctively that it must accept strangers (“new blood”) for the gene pool to remain healthy.  Without war to cull the population or migration from the outside, populations that begin with strong, healthy, exceptionally capable and daring people – such as the early immigrants from Europe to the New World – inevitably succumb to Galton’s phenomenon of “regression to the mean.”  The US Illuminati knew this, and that is why they worked hard for the Immigration Act of 1965.


The US Illuminati have, through eugenics, crafted the country into the world’s finest killing machine.  But, in the absence of war, selective culling, or out-migration, the US population is now very bloated – and very average.  It is massively larger than can be supported by solar energy, with a large portion that is failing to thrive.  Now that the best of all nations have been drawn to the US, all that remains is to selectively cull the original stock, much of which has “regressed to the mean.”  This phase is now underway.  The US government has now turned against the US middle class and the traditional cultures, including the white Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture and the African-American cultures.  Through its policies of open borders and massive international free trade, it has destroyed the nation’s security.  The stage is now set for the final step of the eugenics process, which is decimation, or perhaps annihilation (by catastrophic elimination), of the original population.


Hitler’s Consternation


It is said that when Hitler saw that he was losing the Second World War, he could not come to terms with the fact that his great Teutonic nation was being defeated by the United States, a mongrel nation.  What Hitler failed to realize that he was not defeated by a mongrel nation at all, but by another Teutonic nation.  Most of the immigrants to the US in the early 1800s were from Germany, and most of the rest were from other Teutonic cultures.  Hitler was in fact destroyed by a band from his own Teutonic culture – fellow Hyperboreans of the Northern Realm.


Since passage of the Immigration Act of 1965, the US has been flooded with peoples from all other cultures.  The Teutonic culture – the most aggressive and capable culture of the present era – that gave the US its life blood and vigor (or should I say vril) has been much diluted.  The outcome of the next great war may be very different for America.  (It is interesting to note that the psychics say that the Second World War was simply a prelude to the next, really big, war.)


When I was a boy, I was told that in the End Times, the Eagle and the Bear will unite to conquer the rest of the world.  At that time, it was assumed by many that the Eagle represented the United States, and the Bear represented Russia.  The prevailing view of my youth no longer holds.  The Eagle is Germany and the Bear is Russia.


Star Wars


Yesterday, 20 February 2008, the United States Navy fired a missile (a Standard Missile 3) at a nonfunctioning spy satellite and destroyed it.  The putative reason for this action was that the satellite contained toxic fuel (hydrazine), and the US did not want it returning to Earth in a single mass.


How gullible does the US government think that its citizens – and the rest of the world – are?  If that were a real concern, the satellite would have not been put up in the first place, or other satellites would have been destroyed in similar fashion before, since we have long had the technology to do this.  Both Russia and China have scoffed at the explanation, knowing full well that this action – shooting down a moving satellite – was a very useful test of our antimissile system.


Building Temporary Homes for a Temporary Society


A few months ago, a home was built on the vacant lot across the street from my home.  It took about three days to erect the structure, and a few weeks more to finish the house.


The US government presses for a policy of building more and more new homes.  It does this only to serve the homebuilding industry.  The country does not need, and in the long term cannot afford, an ever-increasing population.  Yet the government points each quarter to the number of “new home starts” as a glowing indicator of the health of our system.  It is in fact an indicator of the “growth-based-economics” sickness that is destroying our society.


We cannot continue to build new homes forever (except to replace old or destroyed ones).  The policy of continual growth is a corrupt one that results in the destruction of the biosphere.  In a stable-population society, we could build infrastructure to last.  With an exploding population, it is impossible to build permanent infrastructure, such as mass rail transit and other permanent systems.  It is not necessary to build permanent homes, such as out of brick or block, for a society that is transient.  The US is now a transient society – and I am referring to a short existence, not inner mobility of its population.  It now operates solely on the vacuous principle of generating more and more wealth for its wealthy elite.  This corrupt society will not long endure.


The US is building temporary homes for a temporary population.  I guess this makes sense, after all.


Radical Egalitarianism: Alive and Well In US Schools


The US invests massive amounts for programs to promote equality of outcome for its less-able schoolchildren, but it fights hard to keep its gifted children from excelling.  Time magazine had an interesting article on this topic recently.


Ralph Nader for President


On February 24, Ralph Nader announced that he would enter the 2008 contest for the US presidency.  His announcement was met with strong disapproval from some members of the Democratic Party, who view him as a “spoiler” who caused Al Gore to lose the presidency (by his siphoning more votes from Gore than from Bush).


The wrath of the Democrats on this issue should be redirected from Nader to the US governmental system.  Our system of electing the president is a “winner take all” one in which the president and vice president are elected independently of the US Congress (House of Representatives and Senate).  Under this system, candidates from several similar parties will split the votes in support of their views, and provide an advantage to a party that stands alone.


This dilemma is avoided under a parliamentary system.  Under a parliamentary system, members of parliament are elected (in similar fashion to our House of Representatives), and the elected members of parliament elect a leader, the prime minister.  If the members of parliament are from many different parties so that no party has a majority, then coalitions are formed and the majority coalition elects the prime minister.  Under this system, the leader of government reflects a majority of the people, even if no single party has a majority.  Under our system, in the case in which two similar parties split votes, the winner may well represent a minority of the people.


Those who criticize Nader are in essence asserting that no independent or “third-party” candidate (member of any party other that the Democratic Party and the Republican Party) should ever run for president.  This is not a reasonable view.  It allowance for “spoilers” is considered a serious flaw in our system, then efforts would be better directed to changing our system to a parliamentary system, rather than criticizing independents or third-party candidates who run for president.


Sleepless in Monrovia


I have been consulting for a few weeks in Monrovia, Liberia.  Monrovia is situated five time zones ahead of my home town of Spartanburg, South Carolina, and so I experience some “jet lag” and have trouble sleeping.  Whenever I am in this situation, I purchase wine from a local grocery store, and have a glass whenever I wake up at an unreasonable hour and cannot get back to sleep.  Wine is an excellent sleeping aid.


You may have read in one of my other articles that I am highly allergic to a chemical that is added to wine in the US as a preservative.  That chemical is sodium metabisulfite (another similar one is potassium metabisulfite).  Even a half-glass of wine treated with sodim metabisulfite is sufficient to give me a dull headache that lasts for two days.  In many other countries, these toxic chemicals are not used to preserve wine.  What is used instead is a much more benign chemical, sulfur dioxide (chemical symbol SO2).  This gas has been used since ancient times to preserve wine.  In olden times, wine casks were treated with sulfur dioxide by burning a sulfur candle in the cask before filling it with wine.


Many wines from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and other traditional wine-producing countries often use SO2 as the preservative, at least for that part of their production that is not exported to the United States.  In the US, I rarely drink wine, since I don’t want the headache that follows.  In the US, wine distributors must label the wine as “Contains sulfites,” but they are not required to tell what those sulfites are.  In fact, all wines contain some naturally occurring sulfites, so this labeling is gratuitous – it tells the consumer exactly nothing.  I enjoy wine, and so whenever I am in a country, such as Liberia or Australia, where I can purchase wine that is treated with sulfur dioxide, I do so.  (Some specialty stores carry “no-sulfite-added” wines (sometimes called “organic” wines), but they are few in number and costly – usually about $15.00 per bottle, which I consider quite excessive for a good bottle of wine.)


Here in Monrovia, the local grocery stores have a fine selection of wines from France.  Their prices are very reasonable, starting at USD2.50, with many at about USD6.00, some at about USD10.00, and a few higher (e.g., USD15.00 or more).  In Germany, you can buy a good Italian wine for as low as US D2.00.  In the US, there is no wine (in the grocery stores near my home) for USD2.00.  Wines start at about USD6.00, and they are usually pretty bad.  Even wines that are of satisfactory quality in their home countries (such as Australia’s Yellowtail) are of poor quality in the US.  The preservatives added to US wines often give them a harsh, metallic taste.


I was planning to stay in Monrovia for about four weeks, and so after I arrived I purchased seven bottles of wine.  That is sufficient for about 1/3 bottle per day – sufficient to ensure good sleep.  The quality of the wine has been excellent.  Here are the wines that I purchased:


  1. Partager vin de table de France, vin rouge and vin blanc, 12% vol., B&G importers, 750 ml, $6.00.  Excellent. (I bought two bottles of each.)
  2. Barton & Guestier Chardonnay vin de pays d’Oc, 2005, 13.5% vol.75 cl, $7.75.  Very good.
  3. Blanc de Blancs vin pays des côtes de Gascogne, 2006, vol. Alc. 12%, B&G importers, 750 ml, $6.50,  OK.
  4. Prince Consort vin table de France, Barton & Guestier, alc. 12% vol., 750 ml, $6.00.  OK.
  5. Cuvée Speciale vin de table vin rouge, B&G importers, 12%, $6.00.  Poor but not awful.


The preservative notice on these wines is: Konserveringstoffer sulfitter, contains sulfites, contient des sulfites, enthält sulfite (SO2).


Since the $6.00 wines were so good, the next time I return to Monrovia I shall purchase a couple of bottles of the $2.50 wine, to see how they taste.


By the way, the local beer, Club Beer, is excellent.  It is every bit as good as Heinekin and Becks.  The Club Beer costs $2.00 a bottle, the imports $3.50.  (I drink a bottle of beer with meals.  As a sleep aid, wine is far preferable to beer for me, since it has a much higher concentration of alcohol.  A single bottle of beer, with 4-5% alcohol, has no noticeable effect on me.  Beer would not help me sleep at all unless I drank three or four bottles, which I have no intention of doing – I would be up all night visiting the bathroom!)


Masdar, the Green City


Abu Dhabi, one of the states of the United Arab Emirates, is undertaking a project to build the world’s first high-technology “green” city.  The city, six square kilometers in area (1,483 acres, or about a square mile) will house 50,000 people, 1,500 businesses, a university (The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology), and the headquarters of the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company.  It is planned that the city will produce essentially zero carbon emissions and essentially zero waste.  It will be powered mainly by solar energy, supplemented by other “renewable” sources of energy.  The city will be automobile-free, with every point no farther than 200 meters from electric public transport.


The city will take about ten years to build and is estimated to cost USD22 billion.  The project began in 2006.  It is planned that the first phase will be complete and habitable by 2009.


The effort to construct Masdar (or Masdar City – the word “masdar” means “source” in Arabic) is a project of The Masdar Initiative.  The project is headed by the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company.  The planner is Foster and Partners of the United Kingdom.  Project partners include Massachusetts Institute of Technology, General Electric, BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Mitsubishi, Rolls-Royce, Total SA, Mitsui, Fiat and German solar energy company Conergy.  The project has been endorsed by the World Wildlife Fund.