Miscellany 58: Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Oct 15th 2011, at the World Trade Center


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Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Oct 15th 2011, at the World Trade Center 1


Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Oct 15th 2011, at the World Trade Center


A few days ago I received a notice from the Red Pill Press that Mrs. Laura Knight-Jadczyk and her husband, Professor Arkadiusz Jadczyk, will be giving a conference in Barcelona on October 15th, 2011, on the theme of the Cassiopaea Experiment.  I have written previously about Mrs. Knight-Jadczyk and the Cassiopaea Experiment.  I would like to attend this conference – perhaps the last time that Mrs. Knight-Jadczyk will be this presentation.  Unfortunately, my wife and I just returned from a two-week holiday to British Columbia and Alberta, and I am not up to another long trip.


Here follows the e-mail, which contains links to material on the Cassiopaea Experiment.


Conference in Barcelona, Oct 15th 2011, at the World Trade Center

Dear Red Pill Press readers,

We are very excited to inform you that Mrs Laura Knight-Jadczyk and her husband, Professor Arkadiusz Jadczyk, will be giving an exclusive conference in Barcelona on October 15th, 2011 on the theme of the Cassiopaea Experiment.

This conference is dedicated solely to the ground-breaking work of Laura and Ark, and they will be the only two speakers. Along with a special talk about the Éiriú Eolas program, and an in-depth overview of their fascinating research over the past thirty years, they will also be presenting details of their latest earth-shattering discoveries.

At present, Laura divides her time between research for the second volume of The Secret History of the World, editing and writing insightful feature articles for The Dot Connector Magazine and SOTT.net, and managing the continued development and success of the Éiriú Eolas program which is being practiced by thousands of people around the world. With regard to Éiriú Eolas, Laura is preparing a special program surprise for all attendees. You will not want to miss it!

Many of you have expressed the wish to meet Laura in person, and this is the perfect opportunity! No other such conferences are planned, and it is very possible that this is the last time Laura will be giving such a public talk. We would be extremely happy to count you among the attendees, and very grateful for your support.

For the past six months Laura, Ark and their team of editors and researchers have been under attack from the French authorities, who seem very uncomfortable that such a helpful set of stress-relieving techniques is being made available to all. Without a doubt, Laura’s research and important discoveries in the areas of health care and diet, psychopathology, politics, history, Earth changes, and hyperdimensional realities are not popular with the Powers That Be!

You can read more about the ongoing situation at SOTT.net, where further updates and analyses will be available as this situation progresses: we aim to bring everything to the light of day! The following articles provide some of the background to this astonishing persecution:




Despite this series of harrowing attacks, and as long as the French police have not detained her in order to enforce her silence, Laura will be present.

Laura and Ark’s Barcelona talks will be given in English – but you will also benefit from a simultaneous translation in Spanish, and French (it is confirmed now!), via a hand-held audio device.

This is an opportunity not to be missed! Laura, Ark, and the Éiriú Eolas team will also be at your personal disposal after the conference to talk with you in English, Spanish and French.

ATTENTION: There are only a few days left in which to reserve your place at this very special conference!! (Please bear in mind also that the number of such places is limited.)

For more information concerning the conference and how to book your seat please visit: www.lauraknightbarcelona.net

Finally, concerning our publications, the latest volume in the revamped edition of Laura Knight-Jadczyk's The Wave or Adventures with Cassiopaea is now available from Red Pill Press. Previously published as two separate books (Petty Tyrants and Stripped to the Bone), this combined volume features new artwork and an updated text. Also, stay tuned for news about the next volume of the series, Debugging the Universe (volume 8), available for the first time in print this Winter season!

We are at your entire disposal should you have any questions.

We look forward to meeting you in Barcelona!

Yours faithfully,

The Red Pill Press Team



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Grande Prairie AB T8V 0V3

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I strongly recommend to my readers that they support Mrs. Knight-Jadczyk’s work by attending this conference, if possible.  The price for admission to the conference is just 50 euros.  I just checked on the price of an air ticket from Charlotte, North Carolina to Barcelona, and the price of the ticket plus a hotel from October 12 – 17 is just $933 (these prices fluctuate wildly by the day).  Barcelona is a fabulous place to visit, and you can also easily reach other tourist destinations along the French Riviera, such as Cannes, Nice and Monaco, from there.


Over the years, I have read a large number of books on metaphysics, and her material on the Cassiopaea Experiment is without question the best in the field.


Here follows a list of some of the books I have read on some of the principal topics included in the Cassiopaea Experiment.  If you have an interest in these topics, and are not familiar with Mrs. Jadczyk’s material, I recommend that you read it.  I list Mrs. Knight-Jadczyk’s books first.


I am listing these books to provide a context for my assertion that of all the books I have read over the years, Mrs. Jadczyk’s are the most impressive.


Laura Knight-Jadczyk


Knight-Jadczyk, Laura, The Wave Series, including Book 1, Riding the Wave; Book 2, The Blue Book; Book 3, Book 3, Stripped to the Bone; Volume 4, The Orange Book; Book 5, Petty Tyrants; Book 6, Facing the Unknown; Book 7, Almost Human; Red Pill Press, 10020-100 Ave, Grande Prairie AB T8V0V3 Canada, 2005 – 2009.


Knight-Jadczyk, Laura, The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities, and the Process of Alien Abduction, Quantum Future Press, 2004.  With Harrison Koehli, Red Pill Press, 2008.  (CD: Transcripts from Cassiopaea, 1994-2002.)


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