Miscellany 59: Operation Clean Sweep: Round ‘Em Up and Head ‘Em Out; A More Precise Term for Illegal Immigrant: Invader


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Amazingly, the Republicans lost the 2012 US Presidential Election, and Democrat Barack Obama was re-elected.  Amazing, since no president who has presided over such a poorly performing economy has been re-elected to a second term in recent years.  The Republicans have evidently decided that a major reason why they lost the election is that they have stood against massive illegal immigration, and have been against granting amnesty to illegal aliens.  Now that the country has opened the floodgates to massive immigration and granted citizenship to millions of “anchor baby” children of illegal aliens, the ethnic and cultural composition of the country has changed.  The Hispanic voting block is now so large that it can easily determine the outcome of the election.  The government has shown such a lack of will in controlling its borders and repelling the invasion of illegal immigrants that they have been greatly emboldened.  They are now demonstrating in the streets against deportation and demanding residency and a path to citizenship.


That these invaders of our country are now so numerous and so bold that they are demanding residency and citizenship is a good indicator of how effete our government has become.  Illegal aliens are criminal invaders of our country, and they should be deported immediately.  Many prominent people in politics and in the media, however, are insisting that this is not practical or not fair.  Even so-called conservative Senators John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are stating that it would not be fair to deport illegal aliens.


In a recent article, “Words’ meanings lose out to political correctness” (Spartanburg Herald Journal, 21 April 2013), Paul Greenberg makes the statement, “The border must be secured.  Laws must be followed.  But not even the most hardened nativist would be able to round up 12 million people and deport ‘em all.”


The positions of Mr. Greenberg, Senators McCain and Graham, and others who share this view are based in sloth and treason.  Under the so-called Operation Wetback program, Presidents Hoover, Truman and Eisenhower were quite successful in rounding up illegal aliens (mostly Mexicans, then as now) and deporting them.  Not only is it very feasible to do, it is required by the US Constitution, which requires the President, Senators, Representatives, members of state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers of the United States and the individual States to take an oath (or affirmation) to support the Constitution and protect the States from invasion.  The presence of an estimated 11 million illegal aliens in the country is an invasion, by anyone’s definition of the term.  By not working to repel this invasion, by abetting the illegal aliens, and by not repelling the invasion when it is clearly feasible to do so, the President, the Senators, the Representatives, and the cited leaders of the States are guilty of high treason.  Repelling invasions is one of the few duties of the nation’s leaders that is named in the Constitution.


When Hoover, Truman and Eisenhower acted to fulfill their duty to repel the invasion of illegal aliens during their terms in office, they deported hundreds of thousands of illegals, with on the order of 1,000 border patrol agents.  Now that the country has allowed an estimated 11 million to invade, and they have been emboldened by the government’s lack of will to expel them, stronger measures may be required to induce them to leave.  Quite some time ago (1999), I wrote the book, Can America Survive?, posted at Internet web site http://www.foundationwebsite.org/canam4x.htm .  In it, I described a very effective – albeit hypothetical – means of ridding the country of illegal aliens.  Here follows an excerpt from that book:


‘The $100 Solution to the Immigration Problem.  The immigration problem in the US could be solved in about a week, at the cost of about one hundred dollars.  How: simply make illegal immigration a capital crime.  All that is required is a coil of rope for a noose and some wood for a gallows.  Then, each afternoon, hang an illegal immigrant, in public.  For maximum effect, the hanging could be in the original British way, with no broken neck, so that the condemned wriggles and writhes.  Very quickly, illegal immigrants would “get the message,” and go back home.


‘Will this be done?  Of course not.  Americans are now too squeamish to lose lives or take lives, even in war.’


If someone objects to hanging an illegal alien each day, to “induce” the others to leave, then less stringent measures could certainly be devised, which would also be effective.  Simply rounding them up and placing them in internment camps at hard labor until they ask to leave would no doubt work.  (Note that the contemporary view is that a punishments for wrongdoing should not be “cruel and unusual.”  It may certainly be cruel, and it may certainly be unusual – it  should just not be both.  If death by hanging is now considered unusual, then any other form of capital punishment could be applied, about as effectively.)


The US government could rid the country of the 11 million illegal-alien invaders in short order (a month or so), if it chose to do so.  The problem is that it does not choose to do so.  It chooses instead to commit treason and allow the invaders to remain.


Some people object to using strong measures to remove illegal aliens, saying that we must be “fair,” or that "proposals that balance the humanity that defines us as a people with the respect for the rule of law that defines us as a republic are welcome."  Illegal aliens are invaders of our country!  The Constitution does not require us to be “fair” to them.  It requires our leaders to protect the States from invasion and repel them!  Is it “fair” to American citizens that they are being murdered, killed, and raped by illegal aliens, simply because our government officials do not have the will to do their duty to deport them?  Are all of our leaders traitors?  Is there no honorable man among them, willing to do his duty?  Who among them is calling to repel the alien invasion?  President Eisenhower was the last US president to honor his vow to the Constitution, protect the States from invasion, and repel the invasion by illegal aliens.  He was the last Patriot, the last not guilty of treason for aiding and abetting the invaders.  Where is a President Eisenhower, now that we need him so?


Senator Steve King (R-Iowa) released statistics showing that illegal aliens murder approximately 12 Americans a day, and that about 13 a day are killed by drunk illegal-alien drivers.  (For more information on this, see Joseph Farah’s article, “Illegal Aliens Murder 12 Americans Daily,” posted at Internet web site http://www.wnd.com/2006/11/39031/.)  Over time, this number is vastly more than those killed in all of the recent terrorist acts in the United States, including the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers.  It is also much more than those being killed in the war in Afghanistan.  Hanging an illegal alien a day to remove all of them would, in the long run, save many American lives.  The US government wrings its hands when a few dozen Americans are killed in a high-profile incident, taking full advantage of the incident to press for gun control and Patriot Acts to remove citizens’ freedoms, yet it does nothing to prevent the killing of many times that number by illegal aliens, month after month, year after year.


Recently, Representative Don Young (R-Alaska) was criticized for using the term “wetback” to refer to illegal aliens.  The subject of Greenberg’s article was that the media is now calling for bland euphemisms to describe illegal immigrants, such as “unauthorized migrants” or “foreigners in the United States in violation of the law.”  The term “Operation Wetback” was used by three US presidents over several decades to refer to the program of rounding up illegal Mexicans and deporting them.  The term originated from the fact that many Mexicans entered the US illegally by wading across the Rio Grande.  Perhaps that term is a little dated for use in the current era.  I would suggest the following update to Operation Wetback: Operation Clean Sweep.  I would also suggest a more precise term for illegal aliens: invaders.