The Preparation Party

Platform, 15 August 2009, updated 31 May 2016


The United States of America will soon disintegrate, just as the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia in recent times, and countless nations and empires before them.  The most that will remain of the present US is ethnically coherent fragments, as described in Joel Garreau’s book, The Nine Nations of North America (Avon Books / Houghton Mifflin, 1981).  The goal of the Preparation Party is to prepare for that development, and promote the likelihood that a fragment will survive.  The ultimate purpose of promoting this survival is to promote the establishment of a long-term-survivable planetary management system.


The US will eventually collapse, since it is heavily dependent on petroleum for energy, there is no comparable alternative, and all petroleum reserves will exhaust within a few decades.  The end of the petroleum age will bring an end to large-scale, global industrial / economic activity, a decline of human population to pre-petroleum levels, and the breakup of all large, ethnically diverse, energy-dependent countries.  Russia may well dominate the post-industrial world for a time, because it is relatively ethnically compact, politically determined, and possesses a large amount of fossil fuel.


One of the fragments identified by Garreau is the Southeastern US, which is labeled by Garreau as “Dixie.”  Since the founder of the Preparation Party resides in this region, the direct concern of the Party is the preparation of Dixie, but the Party’s platform may be applied to preparation of any of the remaining fragments of the US.  These fragments will be referred to as “New Nations,” or “Nations,” or simply “Nation.”


The following is an outline of the platform (statement of purpose and goals, expectations, predictions, suggestions) of the Preparation Party.  The Preparation Party is affiliated with the American Independence Movement (AIM).


1.       The immediate goal of the Preparation Party (PP) is preparation for survival of a remnant of the United States after the collapse of the global industrial /economic system and the disintegration of the US in the post-petroleum era.  In no way is the PP working for this collapse and disintegration – it views that collapse and disintegration are inevitable as global petroleum reserves deplete, and that it is responsible to prepare for this future.

2.       The ultimate goal of the PP is the establishment of a long-term-sustainable planetary management system, e.g., as described in Can America Survive?, posted at

3.       The purpose and activity of the PP is education.  It receives no funds and endorses and underwrites no activities other than education.  It predicts what will happen.  It works to inform on what will likely happen, and to help prepare for and guide that future through education.  It does not work to cause it to happen, except through education and the lawful exercise of its right to free speech as guaranteed by the US Constitution.  The official web page of the PP is

4.       In order to protect its supporters, the PP has no central organization or formal membership.

5.       The PP encourages survivalism.  It encourages self-sufficiency and self-defense.  The PP encourages the foundation of strong, small, independent militias, which will form the backbone of the New Nation(s) after the collapse of present-day America and the industrialized world.  All able-bodied men are encouraged to own a rifle and 10,000 rounds of ammunition.  All families are encouraged to keep one month’s drinking-water and one year’s food supply on hand.

6.       The PP encourages the construction of electric rail mass transit in all areas of the US.  The goal is that people will no longer need automobiles, and may navigate all urban locations by walking and train.  The concept is as presented in James Howard Kunstler’s books, The Geography of Nowhere (Touchstone / Simon & Schuster, 1993), Home from Nowhere (Touchstone / Simon & Schuster, 1996), The City in Mind (The Free Press, 2001) and The Long Emergency (Grove Press, 2005).

7.       As global oil production declines, the world will be consumed in global war.  The competition for oil will become intense.  Since the supply is ever-decreasing, the only option will be to decrease demand.  This will be done through nuclear war.  Most of the large cities of the world will be destroyed, or they will starve to death.

8.       After the collapse of global industrialization, international trade and national-level trade will cease.  People will be dependent on local food supplies.  The PP encourages the construction of home gardens (such as the “Victory Gardens” of World War II), of a size sufficient to support each family of a small community on a long-term basis.

9.       The PP encourages the development of a local-based, low-technology (naturalistic) system of basic health care.

10.   The PP encourages the development of a local-based educational system and curriculum oriented to survival and life in a post-petroleum, low-energy world.  See Thom Hartmann’s The Last Days of Ancient Sunlight (Three Rivers Press, 1998) for discussion of community in a post-petroleum world.

11.   The PP encourages the release of all prisoners as soon as possible, preferably before the US starts to disintegrate.  Other major nations incarcerate people for short times, rarely exceeding ten years.  As the US disintegrates, all prisoners will be released, or they will die, abandoned in their cells.  In the future, criminals will be publically shamed or exiled.  As in pre-industrial America, there will be no prisons, no jails, and no incarceration.

12.   Atlanta will not survive.  The capital of Dixie will be other than Atlanta.


The Preparation Party is not a registered political party.  It accepts no funds and distributes no funds.  It is not a physical organization – it is a concept, a web page.  It supports and endorses no candidates.  It funds no activities other than support of its web page.  It is an educational resource for candidates or others who wish to prepare for life after the petroleum age.  If a person wished to run as a Preparation Party candidate, it would be necessary for him to register as a political party, e.g., the Preparation Party of South Carolina.  This must be done (at the State level) prior to soliciting contributions.


If you wish to contribute educational materials (e.g., hyperlinks, essays, comments, suggestions) for posting on the Preparation Party web page, please send them via e-mail to