The Alien Invasion of Earth: Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs, “Flying Saucers”), Alien Abductions, Crop Circles and More


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A couple of months ago I observed, in my piece The Battle for Earth, that based on a number of general indicators of “goodness,” the human population falls into two large groups which, in the popular press, are referred to as Nordics and Reptilians.  A distinguishing feature between the two groups is that the Nordics care for the Earth, and Reptilians do not.  The Nordics and the Reptilians are currently engaged in a life-and-death struggle for control of the planet Earth.


Until writing that piece, I had very little knowledge of, and little interest in, the subject of Nordics and Reptilians.  Since then, I have read a number of books on the subject.  It is a fascinating subject, with a large and growing literature spanning several decades.  It involves ancient archeology, anthropology, metaphysics, the moon, crop circles, unidentified flying objects (UFOs), and alien abductions.  Most of the phenomena involved are unexplained by modern science.  In many cases the phenomena are subjective and not repeatable, and modern science, by its nature (dealing mainly in objective, repeatable physical observations and measurements), has little to say about them.  While the “New Physics” grapples with some of the issues involved, the subject falls mainly outside the purview of physical science.  Instead, it falls within the realm of what is called metaphysics, spiritual science, or occult science. 


I will list below the books that I perused, and summarize some of the salient features of the subject.  The list below should not be taken as comprehensive, or even recommended.  It consists of a few books that I already owned (but had never really paid attention to or read), and several that I picked up in local bookstores in a recent trip to the United States.


  1. Alien Agenda, by Jim Marrs, Harper Paperbacks, 1997.  This book presents a comprehensive discussion of the full range of phenomena related to the topic.  It discusses the spaceship moon theory, ancient astronauts, UFOs, alien abductions, crop circles, and remote viewing (including interesting observations on UFOs not include in the remote viewing references listed below).  If you buy a single book on the topic, this would be the one that I would recommend.


  1. Sight Unseen: Science, UFO Invisibility and Transgenic Beings, by Budd Hopkins and Carol Rainey, Pocket Books / Simon & Schuster, 2003.  This book presents a number of case studies on alien abductions.


  1. How to Defend Yourself against Alien Abduction, by Ann Druffel, Three Rivers Press, 1998.


  1. Psychic Self-Defense: New Edition, by Dion Fortune, Weiser Books, 1930, 1997.


  1. The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities, and the Process of Alien Abduction, by Laura Knight-Jadczyk with Henry See, Quantum Future Press, 2004.  This book presents a lot of information on the topic of alien abduction.  In similar fashion to other metaphysical systems (e.g., Theosophy, Rudolf Steiner, Kabbala, Eastern tradition) Ms. Knight-Jadczyk describes the universe as consisting of seven “densities,” which are “levels of development as measured in terms of closeness to union with the One.”  God is defined as “all existence in creation, in other words, all consciousness.”  “You would not exist if someone didn’t ‘dream you up.’  You literally are the ‘figments’ of someone’s imagination, and nothing more!”  Existence density levels one through three are material densities, densities five through seven are ethereal densities, and density four is a variable physical-ethereal density (they can manifest either in our third-density physical world or in their fourth-density astral, or soul, world).  Physical human beings are third density.  Alien invaders are fourth density.  Union with the One (“Nirvana”) occurs at the seventh density level.  Ms. Knight-Jadcyzk classifies beings as concerned with “service to self” (STSs) or “service to others” (STOs).  Human beings, as third-density beings, are, by their basic nature STSs.  Fourth-density beings (e.g., disembodied spirits, elementals, alien invaders) may be either STS or STO.  If you purchase just two books on the subject of alien encounters, this one should be the second one (after Marrs’ book, for a general introduction).  Available from .  For addition material from Ms. Knight-Jadczyk, see .


  1. The Occult Significance of 9-11, by Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Quantum Future Press, 2002.  This book, written two years before the High Strangeness one listed above, presents similar information, but in much less detail (72 pages vs. 251).


  1. Ancient Science: A Radical Reassessment of Myth and History, by Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Quantum Future Press, 2004.


  1. The Biggest Secret (1999), Children of the Matrix (2001) and Tales from the Time Loop (2003) by David Icke, Bridge of Love Publications.  A lot of information about historical and current activities of Reptilians and Nordics.


  1. Nothing in this Book Is True, but It’s Exactly How Things Are, by Bob Frissell, Third Edition, Revised and Expanded, Frog, Ltd., distributed by North Atlantic Books, 1994, 2002.


  1. The Sirius Mystery, by Robert Temple, St. Martin’s Press, 1976.


  1. The Orion Mystery: Unlocking the Secrets of the Pyramids, by Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert, Crown Publishers, 1994.


  1. The Twelfth Planet (1976, 1991), Genesis Revisted and The Wars of Gods and Men (1985, 1992), by Zecharia Sitchin, Bear & Company, 1991.


  1. When the Gods Came Down and Gods of the New Millennium: Scientific Proof of Flesh & Blood Gods by Alan F. Alford, Arnold Publishers, 1999.


  1. Fingerprints of the Gods: The Evidence of Earth’s Lost Civilization, by Graham Hancock, Three Rivers Press, 1996.


  1. The Stargate Conspiracy: The Truth about Extraterrestrial Life and the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt, by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, Berkley Publishing Group, 2001.


  1. Chariots of the Gods? by Erich von Däniken, Berkley Publishing Group, 1987.


  1. The Pleiadian Agenda, by Barbara Hand Clow, Bear & Company, 1995.


  1. The Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles: Scientific Research and Urban Legends by Eltjo H. Haselhoff, PhD.  Information about crop circles (written by an accomplished scientist), Frog Ltd., 2001.


  1. Crop Circles: Signs of Contact, by Colin Andrews, New Page Books, 2003.


  1. Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon, by Don Wilson, Dell, 1975.


  1. Reading the Enemy’s Mind: Inside Star Gate – America’s Psychic Espionage Program, by Paul Smith, Forge Books, 2005.  A detailed history of the remote viewing program of the US Army.


  1. Remote Viewing Secrets: A Handbook, by Joseph McMoneagle, Hampton Roads Publishing Company, 2000.


  1. Journeys out of the Body, by Robert Monroe, Main Street Books, 1973.


  1. Shambhala: The Fascinating Truth behind the Myth of Shangri-la, by Victoria LePage, Quest Books, 1996.


  1. Arktos: The Polar Myth in Science, Symbolism and Nazi Survival, by Joscelyn Godwin, Adventures Unlimited Press, 1996.


  1. Cosmic Memory: Prehistory of Earth and Man, by Rudolf Steiner, 1904, 1959, 1981.  Writings of Rudolf Steiner on Terran prehistory (Hyperborea, Lemuria / Mu, Atlantis).  See also Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment (1904-5).  (Both available at .)


  1. Readings of Edgar Cayce on Atlantis, Lemuria /Mu and Egypt, e.g., Edgar Cayce on Atlantis by Edgar Evans Cayce and Hugh Lynn Cayce, Warner Books, 1988.


  1. Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, Michael Newton, Llewellyn Publications, 1994.  This book presents many case-studies involving the hypnotic regression of patients to the period between previous lives (incarnations).  Newton takes note of the many number of people who were previously incarnated on Atlantis, and the few who were incarnated on other planets.  His work is interesting in the present context because it provides much descriptive information about disincarnated human souls and other spiritual beings / entities.  Here is what has to say about the author and this work:


About the Author:

Michael Newton, Ph.D., holds a doctorate in Counseling Psychology, is a certified Master Hypnotherapist, and is a member of the American Counseling Association. He has also been on the faculty of higher educational institutions as a teacher while active in private practice in Los Angeles. Over many years, Dr. Newton developed his own intensive age regression techniques in order to effectively take hypnosis subjects beyond their past life memories to a more meaningful soul experience between lives. He is considered to be a pioneer in uncovering the mysteries about life after death through the use of spiritual hypnotic regression. He now trains other advanced hypnotherapists in his techniques.

Dr. Newton is the author of two best selling books, Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives (Llewellyn, 1994) and Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives (Llewellyn, May 2000). Together, they have been translated into 15 different languages. Dr. Newton has an international reputation as a spiritual regressionist who has mapped out much of our life between lives experience. He has appeared on numerous national radio and TV talk shows to explain our immortal life in the spirit world.

Product Description:
Dr. Michael Newton is world-famous for his spiritual regression techniques that take hypnotic subjects back to their time in the spirit world. His two best-selling books of client case studies, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, have left thousands of readers eager to discover their own afterlife adventures, their soul companions and guides, and their purpose in this lifetime.

Now, for the first time in print, Dr. Newton reveals his step-by-step methods. His experiential approach to the spiritual realms sheds light on the age-old questions of who we are, where we came from, and why we are here. This groundbreaking guidebook, designed for both hypnosis professionals and the general public, completes the afterlife trilogy by Dr. Newton.

  1. Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives, Michael Newton, Llewellyn Publications, 2000.


  1. Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression, Michael Newton, Llewellyn Publications, 2004.


There are many other books on the subjects of UFOs, alien abduction, alien invasion and related topics.  The above list is simply the ones that I happened to have on my bookshelf in Zambia, or purchased on my recent trip to the US.  There are significant omissions, including John E. Mack’s Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens, Scribner, 1994, which is out of print; David M. Jacobs’ The Threat: The Secret Agenda, Simon and Schuster, 1988; and Dimensions: A Casebook of Alien Contact, Ballantine Books, 1988.


A Brief Summary


There is much more to the universe than we perceive with our five senses.  The books listed above present material that sheds some light on what lies beyond our normal senses.  Some of the material deals with phenomena that are totally physical, but difficult or impossible to explain given our current state of knowledge and investigative means.  These include the pyramids of Egypt and other megaliths, crop circles, and the moon.  Some phenomena are with us every day, but science offers no insight or explanation.  These include existence, thought, feelings, intuition, instinct and life.


Much of the evidence on UFOs, alien encounters, and alien invasion is subjective.  It includes reports from reputable, stable people about extraordinary occurrences.  There are many of these occurrences, and they have been documented by reputable physicists, psychologists, psychiatrists and other researchers, including the late Prof. John E. Mack, Prof. Stanislav Grof, Dr. Jacques Vallee, and Prof. David Jacobs, to name just a few.


In cases in which undeniable physical evidence exists, such as in the case of crop circles, most people simply choose to ignore the phenomenon.  It is incredible, and cannot be explained at all by modern science.  Most people’s reactions are total indifference: they can’t explain it, and science can’t explain it, and it seems impossible, so they simply refuse to consider it.  It is like having to explain existence or life – in the context of our five senses, it can’t be done, and people don’t worry a whole lot about it.  It is somewhat like “Flatlanders” (two-dimensional “people”) trying to imagine the third dimension.


The situation is similar for the pyramids and other megaliths.  I have seen some of these sights with my own eyes.  They are absolutely incredible.  The pyramids of Egypt are comprised of thousands of massive blocks placed together so closely that all you can see is a line between them – you could not slip even a razor blade between them.  The bas-relief hieroglyphics, in the thousands, are perfect in every detail.  The “unfinished obelisk” sits in a bed of living rock, with perfectly flat, polished sides.  No one has any credible explanation how any of these could have been built when they were with the tools available at the time.


Although physical science fails to provide explanation for these phenomena, this is not to say that they are without explanation.  There is much explanation, but it comes from unconventional sources.  Most of our knowledge about ancient technology and ancient history comes from spiritual science.  It comes via hypnotic regression of purported abductees, it comes from people in trances (such as Edgar Cayce), it comes from channelers, it comes from the US Army’s remote viewers, and it comes from users of various psychic tools, such as autohypnosis, astral projection, and board instruments.  Unlike the pyramids, other megaliths, crop circles, the moon, and radar returns from UFOs, the salient aspect of these other sources is that they are subjective.  They cannot be verified by the usual scientific means of enquiry.


When it comes to UFOs, alien abductions, and alien invasion, there is little physical evidence to assess.  In some cases, radar reports are consistent with eyewitness reports of UFOs.  Eyewitness accounts include both consistent and inconsistent reports.  Many consistent accounts exist in which the honesty / sincerity / belief of the witnesses has been verified by in-depth psychological and psychiatric examination.  In numerous instances, a large number of people report seeing exactly the same things.  In some instances, physical injury has occurred during alien encounters, such as nose bleeds, small skin-tissue removal, and amniocentesis-like needle marks.  The injuries or other physical changes have been documented, but it cannot be discounted that they may somehow have been induced by the victim (e.g., some people can induce stigmata).


In many instances, eyewitness testimony is inconsistent.  Dr. Stanislav Grof and others have often commented on the “trickster” nature of paranormal phenomena, in which strong evidence exists that a phenomenon occurred, but the evidence is often inconsistent in some way, so as to cast doubt on the credibility of the reports.


With respect to historical descriptions (from viewing of Akashic records, channeling, board instruments, radioactive carbon dating), descriptions often have inconsistent or conflicting dates.


Yet another problem is that the aliens exist in the spiritual realm (more specifically in fourth density, in Knight-Jadczyk’s terminology), where time and space do not manifest as they do in our third-density physical world.  Once the possibility of time-traveling is admitted, one can no longer cling to the concept that our universe involves but a single timeline.  In this case, there is no single historical “truth” – something can happen in one timeline, and history can be rewritten so that that event does not occur in another timeline.  Since we, as third-density creatures, are restricted to a single timeline, we are totally unaware of this – we see only our own past, and believe that it is the only past there is.  This situation is not inconsistent with the New Physics view that the universe exists all at once, for all time.  It is also reminiscent of Hugh Everett’s many-worlds interpretation of quantum theory.  In this setting, the universe is not a single timeline, but a stochastic process having an infinite number of time-series realizations.  Moreover, it is dynamic, or “alive,” with an infinity of new timelines continually springing into existence, as the denizens of the higher densities travel in time.  In this context, the individual soul has the wonderful opportunity of “going back, and doing things right the second time around (in another timeline).”


With the preceding remarks in mind, it should be recognized that I am in no way presenting the “definitive” history of the world and assessment of the current situation.  As I have written before, there is probably no way to know the “truth,” if it even exists at all (outside of a particular timeline).  All that matters from a practical point of view is the operational utility of a paradigm – how useful it is.  Newton’s classical mechanics / dynamics theory is not true, but it is very useful – it works quite well to explain and predict physical behavior at scales above the atomic level.  Einstein’s theory of relativity cannot be proved, but it is nevertheless useful for explaining much more about the universe.  Even it, however, is just a theory, and it does not explain many things, such as thought or life (either physical or spiritual) or existence – or crop circles!


Here follows, in a nutshell, a very brief history of the world, and a current situation assessment.  It draws upon many sources, such as those listed above.  It is a somewhat “eclectic” or “composite” version.  This is necessary in a brief history because the various sources, while similar in many respects, are incomplete and inconsistent in detail.  Also, different cultures use different languages to describe essentially the same myth.  This summary also presents some new material, which I have not seen in any other published source.


For millions of years, life evolved on Earth pretty much as described in your ninth-grade science course.  At least, it appeared to evolve as described by modern paleontology.  In fact, the modern theory of evolution does not explain the underlying process at all.  Life doesn’t just “pop into existence” all by itself, and automatically “evolve” to more complex forms.  Life comes into existence only after it is conceived by a being in the spiritual world, and is then physically manifested.  Biological life is simply inanimate (inorganic) matter embedded on a matrix defined by the spirit.  Without the spiritual world, no physical life would exist at all.  Without the spirit world’s continued motivation, life would cease to exist.  The world evolved in accordance with the theory of Creationism, not the theory of Evolution, as those two theories are commonly understood.  Things are dreamed, and then they are physically embodied.


Over millions of years, the planet’s biosphere evolved to a more and more complex biological system, eventually reaching a “Garden of Eden” web-of-life paradise including millions of diverse plant and animal species.


At some point, hominid species appeared on the planet.  There was nothing special about these hominid species compared to other mammals.  They were simply fancier versions of anthropoids.  As the concept of “soul” is understood, these creatures were no more ensouled than the other large animals of the planet (e.g., dolphins, whales).


The world has not always existed, and does not presently exist, simply as the physical world that we sense with our five senses.  As explained, it would not exist at all without the spirit world behind it, driving creation, breeding new life, and providing the life force that makes living things grow and motivates them (I am using “motivate” in two senses here, both to include inspiration / ideas and physical locomotion).  While the physical Earth was evolving, an ethereal Earth was also evolving, in parallel.  In the ethereal Earth, mankind was evolving spiritually and ethereally.  In the physical world, mankind was evolving physically.  In the physical world, the process of evolution (activated by the dreams of a spiritual being) was moving the biosphere that we know today, with hominid species included.  In the ethereal world, a similar process of evolution (also activated by the dreams of a spiritual being) was in the process of evolving a fully souled human spirit that would eventually occupy a human physical body in the physical world.


While the physical continents that we know today were forming after the breakup of Pangaea, other continents were forming in the ethereal world.  The first of these was Hyperborea.  This land, in the north, was occupied initially by spirit beings (soul bodies, astral bodies).  In their initial stages of development, these entities, ancestors of man, were called Polareans.  At a later stage of development, they were called Hyperboreans.  (The names of the “people of the North” vary by culture – I am using those in common use in “Western” metaphysics.)  During this time, these entities evolved from purely spiritual beings to ethereal beings that possessed a light physical density.  This stage of human development is usually referred to as the “Polar Myth.”  The ethereal bodies evolved to manifest the two sexes, the male sex reflecting the “will” and the female sex reflecting “imagination.”


The next ethereal continent to be formed was Lemuria, or Mu.  Lemuria was located south of Asia, from what is now Sri Lanka to Madagascar.  The beings of Lemuria possessed ideas, but no memory.  They communicated telepathically, could sense pleasure and pain, and could control lesser creatures of nature.  In their final stages, the Lemurians had developed a memory and a sense of morality (knowledge of good and evil). 


Lemurians could control nature by force of will.  The Lemurians lived in caves, either natural or constructed.  In their later stages of development, they build large buildings, which served as temples of wisdom and art and institutions of education and science.  Air was much thicker, and water much thinner, in the ethereal Lemuria than in the physical world.


Most of Lemuria sank, leaving the island of Madagascar behind.  (Madagascar’s primates, the lemurs, are named after Lemuria.)  Before the destruction of Lemuria, a part of the population (the most advanced) escaped to Atlantis, located in the Atlantic Ocean.    


In Atlantis, the ethereal beings developed to the point of being similar to modern, physical man.  The early Atlanteans had no facility for logic, but relied on memory.  They could control the life-force energy of plants, which they used to power their vehicles.  In Atlantis, as Lemuria, the air was still thicker, and the water thinner, than in the physical world.  As memory developed in the late Lemurians and early Atlanteans, the facility of language evolved.  Initially, words embodied power over things.  With their increasing ability to think and remember, the Atlanteans developed advanced technology.  Through genetic experiments they created subhuman creatures (“things”) and human/animal combinations, such as those depicted in ancient Egyptian art.  Through the use of crystals, they learned how to concentrate and control vast amounts of energy (from the sun).  (The Atlanteans’ use of crystals to control power is reflected in the New Age belief that crystals possess powers – but that power was in the ethereal world of the Atlanteans, not in the physical world of today.)  Although the Atlanteans possessed advanced technology, they lived in simple, natural dwellings, and shared personal property in common.  Existing in the ethereal realm, they possessed the ability of interplanetary travel, and built structures on Mars.


The Atlanteans were a global civilization.  Over time, however, they became more selfish, greedy and power-hungry.  Eventually, their misuse of the crystal energy led to powerful explosions that contributed in part to the destruction of Atlantis.  At the end of their time, the Atlanteans were no longer ethereal beings, and had evolved to the present physical race of man, Homo sapiens.  The last parts of Atlantis sank about twelve thousand years ago.  As Atlantis came to its end, the Atlanteans migrated to other parts of the physical world, including North and South America, Spain, and Egypt.  The Atlanteans were Red-skinned, e.g., the early Egyptians and American Indians.


There is a vast literature on Atlantis, Lemuria, and the Polar Myth.  The above paragraphs present but a sketch of these myths, based on Western culture and traditions and the Akashic Records.  Every culture has its ancient myths, and the history as presented in Eastern Tradition (e.g., as presented in the Vedas) would differ in detail and terminology, but not in essence, from the above.


No physical trace exists of Hyperborea, Lemuria, or Atlantis, since they existed in an ethereal world (parallel to our physical world).  All that survived that world was the Atlantean beings who emigrated to other places, now as fully physical beings, as Atlantis was destroyed.


While ethereal man was evolving in Hyperborea, Lemuria, and Atlantis, physical man was also evolving.


About 80,000 years ago, the planet Kantek existed between the orbits of the planets Mars and Jupiter.  It was populated by human beings who had come from Orion, the ancestral (indigenous) home for all human beings (now distributed over the galaxy).  They were blue-eyed blonds, the Aryans.  Kantek eventually broke apart to form the asteroid belt.  Before its destruction, the inhabitants were rescued by Reptilians (the Annunaki aliens, from Zeta Reticuli) and transported to Earth, where, as ethereal beings, they joined the Atlanteans.  In Atlantis, the Kantekkians were known as the Sons of Belial (Baal), referred to by Edgar Cayce.  After the Kantekkians evolved from ethereal to physical beings, they emigrated from Atlantis to become the Celts and Druids.  (Note: The term “Aryan” has multiple definitions.  It can refer to the inhabitants of Kantek (the Kantekkians).  In Theosophical jargon, the term refers to the entire current species of hominids (Homo sapiens) occupying the planet (also referred to as the fifth root race).  Or, it can refer to the blue-eyed blond Teutonic subrace glorified in Hitler’s Germany.  In this article, the meaning is either of the first two of these (Kantekkians or Homo sapiens), and which meaning is intended is clear from context.) 


The Kantekkians / Aryans were the only human race to be transplanted directly to Earth.  All other races were transgenic species – combinations of indigenous human stock (the Neanderthals) and alien genetic material.  The Neanderthals became extinct shortly after the Aryans arrived from Kantek (and they had been used (“served their purpose”) to create the various transgenic human species that now occupy the Earth in their place).  (The Neanderthals were not exterminated – they were genetically modified into other species, and the original species was lost, in the same manner as many of the wild ancestors of domestic plants and animals have been lost (e.g., the aurox).


Throughout time, alien races of the fourth density visit Earth (I deliberately don’t use the phrase “have visited Earth” since fourth density beings can “drop in” at any time, subject to the constraints of physical time only while materialized in third density, or while “piggybacking” a ride on a third density creature’s mind).  Most are simply “travelers” from other worlds, densities, or parallel universes, looking for discovery or adventure.  Some, however, are groups (species, races) of souls looking for a new planet to occupy.  At the present time, there are about 70 alien species visiting the Earth, and about seven of them have designs to take it over.  In order to make the “game” of life interesting, these alien species cannot take over Earth simply by exterminating us or by possessing our minds.  (In the terminology of Scientology, God / Nature does not allow “no-game” conditions to prevail.)


Fourth-density beings are very powerful, since they can operate both in the fourth and third density, but third-density beings (e.g., physical Earthlings) are also very strong, and, in general, able to resist alien possession and abduction.  It is not possible, for example, for an alien species simply to take over the current human inhabitants of Earth by possession.  Extermination is not an option, for then the alien species would have no “containers” (physical bodies) for their souls to occupy.  Their only option is to modify the DNA of an indigenous hominid species (the soul containers) to match their souls, and then to occupy the species via reincarnation (since the genetically modified species will be more receptive to their souls than to those of the former occupants).  The takeover of the planet occurs when a sufficient number of “containers” have been suitably prepared, i.e., the DNA of the indigenous species of hominids (that’s us!) has been modified to match the alien’s soul type better than it matches our own soul type.  At that stage, it is easier for the alien soul to “meld” to a fetal brain than it is for us to do so (since the human DNA is now a better match to their soul type than it is to ours).


For a detailed discussion of the matching of souls to brains, refer to Dr. Michael Newton’s trilogy on souls (Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, and Life Between Lives).  He discusses the requirement for a basic match of soul to body, and the problems that result if the match is not good.  He includes discussion of the difficulties that occur (psychological distress, strong sense of “not belonging” in one’s body, perhaps even abortion if the soul cannot meld well to the host brain) when a hominid soul from a different planet reincarnates on Earth.  This difficulty underscores the need for the invading aliens to modify human DNA to match their souls closely.  One problem that they face is that they cannot alter human DNA too radically without exposing their hand (since the hybrid or transgenic offspring will resemble them more than Homo sapiens).  Their objective is to modify human DNA sufficiently that the human body (container, brain) matches their souls better than ours, without causing too great a physical change.  When the DNA of transgenic human offspring is a sufficiently close match to their souls, then it is their souls that have a better chance of reincarnating in the containers than we do.  This situation has been referred to by some writers as the “DNA switch” or “DNA time bomb” that is ready to go off.  (The fact that a soul must match a body well is obvious – human beings (hominids) do not reincarnate as dolphins or whales, or vice-versa.  A rabbit, to the limited extent that it has a soul, does not reincarnate as a human being, or vice-versa (refer to Eastern / Hindu metaphysics for more on this).  Newton discusses the concept of “soul groups” at length.)


Although fourth-density beings possess some ability to create life, they are not very good at it.  Instead, they must rely on genetic modification to prepare an indigenous species to be a good physical “match” to their souls.  Once that is accomplished, they simply reincarnate in the genetically modified bodies, and the takeover is complete.  Furthermore, although they have some ability to create lower forms of life, it is very limited.  If Homo sapiens destroys the environment, this planet is ruined for everyone – the aliens do not have the power to take over and synthesize a ready-made biosphere.


The reason why there are so many reports of alien abductions at the present time is that time is running out for our particular timeline.  The current race of hominids, Homo sapiens, that is occupying Earth is destroying the biosphere at an incredible rate.  As long as mankind operated as a “cooperative” part of the balance of nature, there was no urgency in the matter of taking over the planet.  Fourth density beings are not constrained by time as we are.  As long as mankind existed in harmony with nature, there would never be an attempt by any alien race to take over, except in an emergency (such as the relocation of the Aryans from Kantek).  The only interaction between mankind and the aliens during times of harmony is visits of discovery and adventure.  The only time that they ever show aggressive interfering activity is when the indigenous species is destroying its own planet, as is now the case on Earth, or if the indigenous species faces a dire emergency such as extinction from an asteroid shower or planetary breakup (as happened in the case of Kantek).  When the indigenous hominid species (such as Homo sapiens) sets on a course to destroy itself and its planet (as Homo sapiens is now doing), the planet is “up for grabs” – fair game for any alien species that would like to settle on it (or keep its indigenous hominid species extant for later genetic modification and takeover).  And there are many such species – species (such as we shall soon be) that have destroyed their own planet, species that have lost their planets owing to cataclysm (e.g., destruction by asteroids), or aggressor species that simply want to possess a planet that is better than (more comfortable than, more pleasurable than) their own planet (or their own spaceship, if they have left their home planet).


Because mankind, through large human numbers and global industrialization, is destroying the planet’s species at the rate of 30,000 per year, the situation is in crisis mode.  The prospective new owners are currently engaged in a “feeding frenzy” to take over, before environmental collapse occurs.  In order to do so, it is necessary to genetically modify a large number of Earthlings so that they form a good DNA match to the aliens’ soul type.  This must be done quickly, because soon, in just a few years, there will be nothing left to save – the environment will be destroyed.  Furthermore, since several alien species are competing for the takeover, each is in a race with the others to genetically modify the DNA of as many human beings as possible so that it is a good match to their particular soul type.


The way that alien invaders genetically modify human beings has been discussed in many publications, and it will not be discussed in detail here.  In order to perform an abduction of a third-density human being, they must materialize in third density.  This requires substantial energy.  The way that it is normally done is to materialize a spaceship (“flying saucer,” UFO) in third density, abduct a human being into the craft, perform genetic operations on the abductee (egg / sperm removal, DNA insertion / replacement), and replace the abductee to Earth.  The aliens are capable of erasing the victim’s conscious memory of the operation, in which case the victim may be amazed to see that several hours may have passed without any memory of what transpired (the so-called “missing time” phenomenon).  (The abduction process is complex, and is described in varying detail by several authors.  See, e.g., Knight-Jadczyk’s description in High Strangeness (removal of the soul body at an instant of time from its third-density (physical-world) setting to fourth density (astral world, soul world), remolecularization of a body in fourth density (alternate / temporary time-line / parallel universe), genetic operations, replacement of (modified) soul body back to the abduction space-time location (or near time / near space), and remolecularization in third density (of a physical body that matches (is a physical imprint of) the modified soul body).  If something goes wrong, death or other problems may result (e.g., severe disorientation resulting from restoration at a time earlier than the abduction time.)


When an abduction takes place, a flying saucer (or other concomitant physical manifestation) is invariably involved.  The saucer may or may not be noticed by other people.  To keep what is going on as much a secret as possible, most abductions are done in remote places, and at night.  The reason why flying saucers have varied appearance is that different alien species are involved, and they employ craft of different design.  Flying saucers sightings have increased dramatically in recent times, both because human population has exploded (so that there are fewer remote areas in which abductions may take place) and because the frequency of visits has increased (because time is running out before the biosphere will be ruined).


As has been noted by many writers (e.g., psychiatrists Stanislav Grof and John E. Mack), the evidence of alien abductions is almost always “muddied” so that the credibility of the abductees is suspect.  This may involve phenomena as innocuous as suppressed or modified memories or minor physical inconsistencies (e.g., missing time, conflicting observations / reports), but it may involve much more sinister methods (e.g., profound discrediting of witnesses; the use of abductees who have suffered child sexual abuse and are labeled as psychologically unstable when they report abduction; or traumatic psychic rape, as a child or on later occasions).  The ability of fourth-density beings to time-travel makes it very easy to discredit the testimony – and reputations – of abductees and abduction researchers / investigators.


It is now rather too late for the Aryan race to save itself from replacement.  As the Bible observes (book of Revelation), “Those who destroy the Earth will be destroyed.”  It cannot be otherwise – no living creature can destroy its habitat (or have its habitat destroyed) and continue to survive in the physical world.  Just as the Neanderthals before them, Homo sapiens, the Aryan race, will be eliminated as soon as an invading race of aliens takes over (by abducting a sufficient number of human beings and modifying their DNA to match their soul type).  As Bob Lazar once remarked, the aliens refer to us as “containers.”  This means containers for their souls.  Once they have taken over, our soul group will have lost its planet, and we (our soul group) will become nomads, as the invading aliens previously were, looking for a new planet to occupy.  To learn and grow, our “karmic destiny” will be to start over again on a new planet, given that we destroyed the good one we once had.  Eventually, we will “get it right,” but, in view of the long way we have to go to learn proper (responsible) planetary management, this will take some time (i.e., existence for long times on many timelines).


Is it possible for mankind to save itself from having its planetary home stolen?  Yes, but it is highly unlikely that it will take the steps necessary to do so.  A planetary awakening would be required and, given mankind’s seemingly fatal flaws (propensity to destroy its habitat), that seems rather unlikely.  As Laura Knight-Jadczyk once recorded, in a session with a Cassiopaean:


Laura Knight-Jadczyk (LKJ): I read the new book by Dr. David Jacobs, professor of History at Temple University, concerning his extensive research into the alien abduction phenomenon.  [Dr. Jacobs wrote his Ph.D. thesis (sic) on the history of the UFOs.] Dr. Jacobs says that now, after all of these years of somewhat rigorous research, that he KNOWS what the aliens are here for and he “is afraid.”  David Jacobs says that producing offspring is the primary objective behind the abduction phenomenon.  Is this, in fact, the case?


Cassiopaean (C): Part, but not “the whole thing.”


LKJ: Is there another dominant reason?


C: Replacement.


LKJ: Replacement of what?


C: You.


LKJ: How do you mean?  Creating a race to replace human beings, or abducting specific human beings to replace them with a clone or whatever?


C: Mainly the former.  You see, if one desires to create a new race, what better way than to mass hybridize, then mass reincarnate.  Especially when the host species is so forever ignorant, controlled, and anthropocentric.  What a lovely environment for total destruction and conquest and replacement…see?

[…] We have told you before: the Nazi experience was a “trial run,” and by now you see the similarities, do you not? […] Now we have also told you that the experience of the “Native Americans” vis a vis the Europeans may be a precursor in microcosm.  Also, what Earthian 3rd density does to Terran 2nd density should offer “food for thought.”  In other words, thou art not so special, despite thy perspective, eh?  And we have also warned that after conversion to Earth humans to 4th density, the Orion 4th density and their allies hope to control you “there.”  Now put all this together and what have you?  At least you should by now know that it is the soul that matters, not the body.  Others have genetically, spiritually and psychically manipulated / engineered you to be bodycentric.  Interesting, as despite all efforts by 4th through 6th density STO, this “veil remains unbroken.”  (End of Knight-Jadczyk quotation.)


The only defense against an alien invasion involves knowledge, and there is an incredible refusal on the part of human society to accept or allow accumulation of spiritual knowledge.  Organized religions are generally (except for their mystic branches) against it (they simply can’t bring themselves to allow “ordinary” individuals to communicate with the spirit world), and the physical science establishment ridicules spiritual science.  The alien invaders must be laughing hard, seeing that most of mankind refuses to consider what may be happening to them, and in fact ridicules those who sense that something terribly wrong is happening, and might be able to do something about it.


In addition to human ignorance and denial, the aliens have other powerful tools at their disposal, e.g., the ability to suppress conscious memories (of the abduction) and the ability to introduce inconsistencies in the testimony of nonabducted witnesses.  Even under hypnotic regression (which can reveal the events of the abduction (stored in the subconscious mind)), witnesses’ descriptions are not 100% reliable (in part because of the subjective and imperfect nature of hypnotic recall, in part because the subject is highly receptive to suggestion, and in part because of the telepathic link between the hypnotist and the subject).  This ability plays well into the hands of the physical scientists who refuse to consider a “new paradigm.”  Galileo and Copernicus would feel right at home today on planet Earth.


Apart from the relatively small number of people who are particularly interested in UFOs and alien abductions, the only sizable group of human beings that takes the matter of alien abductions seriously is the “New Age” group, and they are not taken seriously by anyone else.  Many people view them as little more than misguided “flower children.”  If the Aryan race is to defend itself against the alien invasion, it must gird itself for war, and most “New Agers” are reluctant to have anything to do with war.  Many New Agers see major Earth changes as being just around the corner, yet they are reluctant to engage in any meaningful action to influence the outcome of those changes.


One of the things that plays in our favor is time.  The alien invaders know that to prevail, they must genetically modify a relatively large number of human females.  (This does not have to be a very large number, however, since Homo sapiens faces an imminent die-off as fossil fuels deplete.  As world population plummets, the proportion of genetically modified “containers” will increase quickly relative to the dwindling population of Homo sapiens hominids.)  Until now, the aliens’ approach has been to abduct a small proportion of human females, modify their DNA (to be a better match for their soul types) and have them breed (in vivo or in vitro).  As time passes, the alien DNA spreads throughout the human population.  Since the number of abductees has been relatively small so far, the general population views the abductees as simply deluded, and does not entertain the idea of an alien invasion.  If the aliens were to launch a large-scale program of abduction / genetic modification, then the general population would have to accept that an alien invasion was taking place, and they would move to counter it.  But time is running out so fast for the biosphere that the pace of the abductions has to increase, or the aliens will not have a viable planet to occupy.  As a result, the number of abductions will continue to increase.  More and more, people will begin to wonder what is going on, and start to demand that their governments do something about it.  And if their governments refuse to act, they will turn to other quarters for help.


The Aryan race is destroying the Earth, and does not deserve to keep it.  But there are a few Earthlings who decry the environmental destruction that is going on, and want very much to stop it.  Until now, they have been powerless to do anything, in the face of the stranglehold that the economic forces of industrial globalization has on the human population.  Human greed is a very powerful force.  No national or world leader is calling for decreased human population or decreased industrial activity.  The World Bank and United Nations continue to call for more industrial development, as the planet’s biosphere dies.  When the few people who care about the environment finally realize what is happening and decide to take serious action to change things, there may be a chance….


Life is a game.  A friend of mine once observed, “You can’t win, you can’t break even – you can’t even get out of the game.”  All you can do is play.  But there are many ways to play.  You can pick your role.  You can pick your side.  You can stand for good or for evil.  You can play hard, and you can play well.  Even if you can’t win in the end, you can fare better in the long run if you play well.  How you play the game of physical life has a direct effect on the state (development) of your soul, and the state of the planet for a long time to come.  But if you don’t even realize what game you are in, you will surely fare poorly.  The planet can continue for billions of years as a Garden of Eden paradise, with Aryan-souled inhabitants.  Or it can continue for billions of years with alien-souled inhabitants.  Or it can die a greenhouse death and remain a dead planet, such as Mars, with its displaced souls still searching, eons later, for a new home.  Over the next couple of years, Aryan-souled Earthlings will decide, by positive / active choice or by default, whether they will remain in possession of their planet.  Look at what is happening.  Think about what is going on.  And make an informed, conscious decision about what to do.  The choice is yours.  May you choose well.


The major choice facing the Aryan hominid race now occupying the planet (i.e,, Homo sapiens) is whether to fight the alien invasion or submit to it.  From the point of view of saving the planet’s biosphere, the Homo sapiens hominid race has proven itself totally unfit, and it deserves to be replaced by a more environmentally responsible species.  This may well happen, regardless of what attempts Homo sapiens makes.  If it continues in its environmental destruction, it will surely be replaced.  It is now so “late in the game,” however, that it may have already lost (e.g., if the aliens have already transgenically modified a sufficient proportion of the H. sapiens species).  Over the next few years, as global oil production wanes, the human population will drop from its current six billion to a few hundred million or less.  If those few hundred million are predominantly alien, then the planet is theirs.  As the human die-off progresses as the petroleum age comes to an end, H. sapiens may be in the position to control who the survivors are – H. sapiens or aliens.  But this will happen only if H. sapiens realizes what is happening and takes steps to do something about it.  In the current climate of ridicule of things metaphysical / paranormal, this is unlikely to happen.  We have met the enemy, and it is us.  The aliens will likely take over or planet, and replace us as a species, without our having fired a shot.


It has been said that the Neanderthal race lasted only 233 years after the arrival of H. sapiens.  Things are now happening at such a pace that the current transition to a new hominid species, if it occurs, will occur much faster.  According to Hubbert’s Curve, global oil reserves will be exhausted by 2050, at current production rates.  But Hubbert’s Peak (the decline in the global oil production rate) is happening in this decade: it is now believed by many that it will occur this year, next year, or the following year.  At that time, since the modern industrial world depends critically on oil, all hell will break loose and the world will be plunged into global war.  The global human population will not “gracefully decline” to a few hundred million by the year 2050.  Global war and other human-caused disasters (e.g., HIV/AIDS) will cause the system to crash catastrophically.  The planet’s human population will decline precipitously, very soon.  The issue to face is “Who will remain?”  Will the survivors be H. sapiens, or will they be aliens?


Most people scoff at, or at least ignore, “End Times” prophecy.  They do not accept, as the Bible states, that the last days of the current era will involve ten years of global war, followed by 1,000 years of peace.  They do not accept, as the Mayan Calendar indicates, that the current planetary era will end on December 21, 2012.  They do not accept that we will have but two more Popes (the current one, who is dying, and one more).  Although the biosphere is being destroyed at a horrific rate (30,000 species going extinct per year, when the natural rate is a few per century), they do not accept that current human society, destroying its own habitat, is doomed.  It will clean up its own act, and move to a responsible, low-population planetary management system, or some other species – the alien invaders – will do so.


Do not be so arrogant as to believe that your God will save you.  God is not on the side of those species that destroy their habitat.  As the Bible says, those who destroy the Earth will be destroyed.  God is not any more on the side of Homo sapiens than he was on the side of the Neanderthals who preceded them.  They were His to create, and they are His to destroy.  God has set up an incredible game on this planet.  It is the play of the game that matters, not which side wins – as John von Neumann once remarked, “In the long run, we are all dead.”  May you play well.  As a Roman emperor once remarked, “Fight well, and live.”