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The thesis of Can America Survive? is that when fossil fuels deplete (over the next few decades), the global human population of Earth will drop to the number of people that can be supported on solar energy, which is less than 500 million. The actual number will depend on the level of living. At a high level of living, the number will be far less than 500 million (e.g., five or ten million).

Winston Churchill once remarked, "The further backward you look, the further forward you can see." The world’s human population will be less than 200-300 million in a few decades (after fossil fuels are gone), because that is the most that the recurrent "budget" of solar energy can support. The only real issue is whether the global human population is reduced to that level very soon (i.e., in the next few years), thereby saving the environment and the planet’s biodiversity, or is reduced to that level (or less, perhaps zero) after mankind destroys the planet and most if not all other living species.

The web site , tab CommUnity, features many interesting articles on the current state of the Earth (new articles posted daily, from a variety of sources.

With respect to the social and environmental destruction that will take place as human population continues at high levels, much related information may be found at any of the large number of web sites that deal with population, environment and immigration. These include the following:

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